West Coast-based AV equipment rental company

GEOEVENT is a company with a rich history and experience providing av equipment rental services gained in Eastern Europe. Now we are also established in the USA and have multiple offices across the West Coast. We have already earned our name locally thanks to our professional crew, hard work, and excellence that we never fail to deliver.

We strongly believe audiovisual equipment plays a central role in making the best out of all events and special days. We are proud to leverage our competence, creativity, and experience to contribute to your success.

We approach all our customers with equal passion and responsibility. Our AV equipment rental experience covers events ranging from small to large size. We are able to handle any type or size of the event and we do not prioritize our customers. We value loyalty from both sides and work hard to acquire and keep your trust through our service.

We are ready to guide you through and assist you at every stage of the process. We serve to eliminate all risks, and make your events perfect and unforgettable. Our crew consists of dedicated professionals equipped with the know-how, talent, and devotion to making you succeed. We are flexible to your unique needs and specialize in bringing them alive through our hard work.

We are a one-stop-shop provider for audio-visual services. We offer a full range of Audio-Visual services. We present all sorts of Pro Audio Equipment, Video Equipment, and Stage Lighting Equipment rental suitable for any conditions and environment of your event.


We live in a digital era in which the audio and visual sides should not be underestimated. The importance of these features increases with events.

We are here to make all your events amazing and sensational. We will stand by your side and help you reach your audience. We will get your message delivered to every guest, customer, investor, social media influencer, and everyone who matters.

No matter if it is a corporate party, a concert, a birthday, a wedding, a festival, or any other type of event indoors or outdoors. We know that you have something to say that you want to be heard and remembered.

We know that the success of every event relies on how it sounds and looks. Our purpose is to guide and serve you in making a statement with your event! And we are thrilled to be the ones to let you celebrate your important dates with zero worries! You get all the excitement while we do our job and have got you covered in any situation.

Our purpose as an AV equipment rental company is to provide service tailored to your unique needs, guarantee the quality of the event, and help you achieve your goals.


Nowadays, the business of Audio-Visual services is getting bigger every day and the equipment is becoming more affordable for the general public. However, it requires professional knowledge, technical know-how, and years of experience to truly understand what is the best fit for the occasion. We offer you the expertise that will meet your needs. We will evaluate what should be perfectly suitable for your event and will provide you with the highest quality service you can get in this area.

We are here to ensure your success and eliminate any kind of risk regarding your event.  We will fight alongside you to overcome any obstacles or errors without any delay in your conference or party.

  • We provide professional assistance. Our crew is a friendly team of professional technicians, equipped with relevant knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise who are more than happy to serve. To exceed your expectations every time.
  • We address all the uncertainty. You trust us with challenges, we provide solutions. Our crew will do its best to correctly evaluate your needs and requirements to deliver satisfactory results and live up to your expectations.
  • We want you to succeed. Our services are not limited to delivering inventory and collecting it later from your site. We are ready to engage in the whole process and guide you through every stage. We believe it is teamwork and we are equally part of your accomplishments.
  • We are a one-stop shop. We are that one friend you need to call and can count on in any situation. You will not have to search on several different companies to get stage, sound, lighting, and visuals separately. We have it all.
  • We offer maximum flexibility. Our services are accessible 24/7. Even if you have an emergency and need to book at the last minute, we are available and ready to help.
  • We are affordable. We do not include any hidden fees and make sure you know what you are paying for. We appreciate loyalty and get special offers for our long-term customers to make our collaboration even more affordable and enjoyable for both sides.




We have got you covered with any type of event. We can provide custom Audio-Visual services for professional or press conferences, corporate evenings, concerts, festivals, weddings, birthday parties, brand presentations, etc. We can handle any kind of event, whether it is small or big and we take care of it with equal hard work and responsibility.

Our services include and are not limited to:

  • Event planning and execution. We as a one-stop-shop offer you a full package of the service deals. It includes every aspect and stage of the event. We will plan and execute any occasion. We will deliver brilliance on your special days.
  • Sound System. We offer professional advice on choosing the right equipment, setting them up in any venue, and managing its high-quality performance throughout the event.
  • A Light Show. We bring lighting equipment of the highest quality to your events. The brands will speak for themselves and will produce a light show of your preference. Our Lighting fixtures, lasers, spotlights, LED lights, etc. will highlight any occasion and make it sensational.
  • Stage Assembling. We offer to set up a stage of any width, height, or shape. Our crew will deliver and assemble it for you in the shortest terms.
  • We will help you achieve excellent quality of performance with our professional high-quality microphones, mixers, instruments, and equipment. Our technician’s crew will be in charge of the quality and will do everything for your event to go smoothly.
  • LED-Wall / Projector. We will provide you with screens, projectors, and professional LED-wall illuminations, including projector rental, for your conferences, concerts, weddings, or other events, indoors or outdoors.

We approach every event with equal care. We will run your events smoothly without any delay or interruption. Our professional and friendly crew will ensure quality and brilliance.


For more details please review the information stated under separate services on our site. We encourage you to contact us with any suggestions or questions regarding Audio-Visual services.