AV Equipment Rental Los Angeles

GEOEVENT is a company with a rich history and experience in sound equipment gained in Eastern Europe and delivered to you in Los Angeles, CA. We believe audiovisual equipment takes a central role in making the best out of all events and special days. We are proud to leverage our competence, creativity, and experience to contribute to your success.

We approach all our customers with equal passion and responsibility. We are ready to guide through and assist you at every stage of the process. We serve to eliminate all risks, make your events perfect and unforgettable. Our crew consists of dedicated professionals equipped with the know-how, talent, and devotion to make you succeed. We are flexible to your unique needs and specialized in bringing them alive through our hard work.

We offer full range of Audio-Visual services. We present all sorts of Lighting equipment , Stage equipment, and Sound equipment rental in Los Angeles, CA suitable for any conditions and environment of your event.

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Audio Visual Equipment Rental Los Angeles

Full Production Service

We offer any kind of services in connection with event planning and handling, including the full package of event take over, equipment and inventory rentals like all sorts of Lighting Equipment, Stage Equipment, and Audio Equipment rental in Los Angeles, CA.

For more details, find our services listed below:

  • Event planning and execution. We offer you to take over the whole planning process of the event while you sit back and relax. This service includes venue preparation, catering, photo and video services, equipment and inventory rental, set up, coordination, etc.
  • Sound System setup. You will receive professional advice what kind of equipment you need considering the size and place of your event, may it be indoors or outdoors. We will help you choose the suitable service, deliver and set it up. Besides, we will be in control of the equipment throughout the event to guarantee no errors.
  • Light Show setup. With our wide variety of static lights, automated lights, spotlights, up-lights, lasers, atmospheric lights, LEDs with special effects, etc., we are equipped to make any event sensational. Our crew will install and take care of the lighting. It will create the mood and energy of your event.
  • Stage setup. We can assemble a stage of your preference. We offer to set up any size, height or shape of stage and meet all your specific requirements.
  • Backline setup. We offer to set up and run all of the stage accessories, that may include professional high-quality microphones for different purposes, analog or digital mixers, music instruments and equipment. The high-quality backline is crucial for music events and concerts the most and we are ready to exploit our expertise to help you achieve excellence.
  • LED-Wall / Projector setup. We offer premium quality screens, projectors, professional LED walls to illuminate your events. Our crew will provide custom illumination based on the specific parameters and unique environment of your event, may it be office conferences, trade shows, concerts, festivals, weddings or other occasions.
  • Professionalism and creativity. Our professional approach makes all the events run smoothly. However, we are open to challenges and will deal with obstacles creatively. Thus, with our involvement, you do not need to worry about any kind of interruption. We deliver outstanding results.

May you have any additional questions or need clarification, we are open to discussions. You are welcome to reach out for advice.

Customer Reviews



“Can’t say enough good things about these nice guys!!! The staff was VERY professional. Showed up on time made sure everything was done the perfect way and answered any questions i had. more than willing to go the extra mile for a client, I will definitely work with them again and I recommend them to anyone!”

Alice Robin



“It was wonderful working with Davit who was very accommodating and helped us to keep prices in our budget for our reunion. Would definitely use his company again.”

Andre Vigil



“Incredibly helpful through the whole process from the initial order to the picking up of equipment. Very nice and understandable of issues that might come up in the moment. I definitely plan on calling them up for my next event.”

Gbenga Komolafe



“Hired Geoevent for my big wedding event. Staff was very professional and provided an amazing service. No need to mention that audio and visual was on highest level Great people!!!!!!!! An amazing service”

George Buccukuri