San Diego AV Rental Services

GEOEVENT offers AV rental services and more in San Diego. Our services are broad and designed to fit our customer’s needs specifically. Customers in San Diego need a reliable company that can meet all their needs. GEOEVENT is that company.

When it comes to delivery and installation, we make sure to work as fast as possible with little delay. We also offer consultations and advice for customers to make the best decisions for their events. Whatever your AV needs are, we can handle them.

Services we provide

GEOEVENT is more than just an AV rental company. We strive to do all that we do excellently and provide the best services to our clients, no matter what the service is. We offer individual audio and visual services as well as combinations for whatever our clients need. More information on our packages can be found on our services page, but some of our main services in San Diego include:


Our audio services include sound system rentals San Diego, PA system rental San Diego, speaker rental, sound management, and more. We offer audio packages of different sizes and designed with different needs in mind. The service we provide depends on the type of event our clients need. For example, the type of sound system we would provide for a work conference would be different from what we provide for an outdoor music festival. No matter the occasion, we ensure that our clients get clean and crisp sounds with our audio equipment rental San Diego.


Our visual services include aspects like lighting and decoration, offering a variety of lighting packages, including strobe lights, spotlights, colored lights, indoor and outdoor lighting, and more. We also cater to other visual elements of an event such as event lighting rental, rentals for smoke or fog machines, light stands, and other physical fixtures that can be used to decorate an event. With GEOEVENT, you do not have to hire two different companies for technical and aesthetic services – we can do both.


We also provide LED video wall rental, for our clients in San Diego. LED walls are perfect for outdoor movie projector rental San Diego. A video wall is the perfect screen to use to display a movie or show to a large number of people. LED walls are also great for fashion shows.


Our stage packages include various parts for portable stage rental San Diego. We rent stairs, railings, stage platforms, risers, backdrops, and more. We also specialize in creating unique stage designs for our clients such as multi-level stages or custom-built stages to give your event a different look. Our mobile stage rental San Diego services are popular for concerts and festivals, music videos or photoshoots, outdoor shows, and more. We deliver the portable stage parts, install the stage and monitor the event to ensure that nothing goes wrong.


Backline is crucial for many events, especially events that include musical performances. This ranges from concerts to parties and anything in between. Our backline rental services include installation and monitoring to guarantee that your event ends as a success. We provide staging accessories such as microphone stands, amplifiers, mixers, and more. We also include rentals for musical instruments such as drum kits, pianos, DJ decks, and more.


Projectors are needed for all kinds of events, whether it is movies, presentations or more. If you need to rent a projector San Diego, we are the best company to serve you. Whether you need a video projector rental San Diego or an overhead projector rental San Diego, we offer it all. We also help our clients to set up the projectors and monitor their performance.

Excellent AV rentals in San Diego

We provide a wide range of services for customers located in San Diego. Our services are just right for whatever our customers may need. We also abide by a strict code of professionalism and ensure customer satisfaction. These qualities have helped us stay on top of the AV renting game for years.

We offer affordable rates with high-quality services that make us the best choice for any customers that need event planners or AV rentals. With GEOEVENT, you can’t go wrong.


There is no better choice for an AV rental company in San Diego than GEOEVENT. Our services are not only of high quality and professional standards but we always ensure that we put our client’s needs first. Some of the best qualities that make us the top choice for AV rentals in San Diego include:


One of our best qualities is that we offer services that are flexible and suited to our customer’s needs. We ensure that we meet your needs no matter the cost. By collaborating with our clients, we prioritize finding the best and most feasible solutions to their needs, not the most conventional. We work with clients’ unique visions and needs to deliver on every aspect of AV provision and event planning.


Another advantage we offer to our clients is our affordable rates. We rent AV equipment for daily use and also offer discounts and sales. We reward loyalty in our customers with reward systems and other benefits for long-term customers. This promotes trust on both sides of the deal. We also make sure that we are upfront with all costs and charges for our services and do not include any hidden or additional fees on our bills. What we say is what we mean.

Satisfaction rate

Our customer satisfaction rate at GEOEVENT is nearly perfect as we would do whatever it takes to fulfill our client’s visions. This also ties in with our flexibility. Our team consists of innovative and creative thinkers that always put client needs first. Every project we hand over must have the client’s stamp of approval first, and we encourage clients to leave reviews on our website so potential customers can see the quality of our work.


Our team is made up of various professionals in the different fields of service that we offer. Our staff members have years of expertise and experience in every relevant field. We also encourage our staff to interact with clients with a friendly demeanor and provide assistance and advice whenever clients ask for it. We strive to have a good reputation not only in the quality of our services but in our customer relations.

Get started with us today and contact us for a consultation!

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