AV Equipment Rental Las Vegas

We are GEOEVENT, a company with a rich history and background in sound equipment based out of Eastern Europe, delivering it to you in Las Vegas, NV. We believe audiovisual equipment is an integral part of any event or special occasion. You can rely on our expertise, creativity, and experience to succeed.

Our approach to all customers is the same. Our goal is to assist and guide you at every stage of the process. As a service provider, we ensure your events are flawless by removing all risk factors. Our crew of dedicated professionals has the skills, knowledge, and dedication to ensure your success. Bringing your unique needs to life is what we do best.

As a full-service audio-visual company, we provide a wide range of services. Whether your event is in a city or a remote area, we have all types of Lighting equipment, Stage equipment, and Sound equipment for rent in Las Vegas, NV.

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Audio Visual Equipment Rental Las Vegas


Full Production Service

As a full-service event planning and management company, we can handle any kind of event. We also provide equipment and inventory rentals, including Stage Equipment, Lighting Equipment, and Audio Equipment rentals.

Our services are listed below for more information:

  • Event planning and execution. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the whole event planning process. Catering, photography, videography, equipment and inventory rental, set up, coordination and more are included.
  • Sound System setup. Our experts will advise you on what equipment you need based on your event size and location, indoors or outdoors. We will help you select the most appropriate service, deliver and set it up. The equipment will be monitored by our staff throughout the event.
  • Light Show setup. Any event can be made sensational with the various lights and effects. We offer static lights, automated lights, spotlights, up-lights, lasers, atmospheric lights, LEDs with special effects, etc. We will install and maintain the lighting. Your event will be filled with the perfect energy and atmosphere.
  • Stage setup. Let us build a stage that suits your event. You can choose the size, height, and shape of your stage and we will meet all your specific needs.
  • Backline setup. Stage accessories such as microphones, mixers, musical instruments, and equipment are among the accessories that we can set up and run. Having a high-quality backline is essential for music concerts and events, and we are happy to share our expertise to help you succeed.
  • LED-Wall / Projector setup. Illuminate your events with our professional LED video walls, screens, and projectors. We provide customized illumination for any event based on its specific parameters and unique environment, whether it is a conference, a trade show, a concert, a festival, or a wedding.
  • Professionalism and creativity. Keeping events running smoothly is our priority. Nevertheless, we welcome challenges and prepare creatively for them. As a result, you don’t have to worry about interruptions. We deliver exceptional results.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or need clarification. You are welcome to reach out for advice.

Customer Reviews


Diamond Club Las Vegas

Great event production service! They offer a lot of services and equipment for an affordable price and always do a great job. They just never disappoint!!! I have recommend them to all my friends and colleagues.”

Scott Kelly


Fashion House

“I recently had the pleasure to work with GeoEvent – a really great event production service in my city. I was looking for something new and high quality but also on a tight budget, so I started checking out some promotions online. I wasn’t sure what they could offer me with my specifications, but wow… Davit and his crew delivered an experience that I, my friends, and colleagues will never forget…”

Kristie Capello


Natural Wine Expo

“I really love the team of GeoEvent. They have been helping me organize wine-related events for my associations for a while. They are quick and very responsive in getting back to me with anything. They are knowledgeable, efficient, professional and most importantly friendly!”

Diego Alves Melo


Golf Event

“I rarely give perfect reviews; this company is the exception. Not only did they offer a rock solid pricing plan, their customer service was impeccable and their production service was just as great. I’m not much of a business person so their patience with me really went a long way in my book. Golf Event production is never easy and it makes all the difference to have co -operation and patience from the start. For anyone looking to produce a golf event, these are the people to talk to.”

David Banner

About GeoEvent | Sound Stage Rental Las Vegas

GeoEvent was founded in Georgia. Even from the beginning our main goal was to provide customers high quality service in the Audio-Lighting sphere… Our professional, high quality service quickly made GeoEvent a favorite brand for European companies, which is exactly what we set out to do from the beginning…

During the years GeoEvent became the most successful company in Europe, because of our hard work and high professionalism… As a result, we had to expand beyond Europe…

Now that we have opened our new office in Las Vegas, we are able to offer sound stage rental services to companies near and around the city… This knowledge and service quality has been gained through a lot of hard work and dedication over the years… Today we are an example of success and quality in our industry…