LED-Walls and Projectors will play an important role in events that involve any kind of  resentation, video streaming or need for illumination. We offer a variety of equipment  uitable for different sizes of events and environment. We present inventory from leading manufacturers on the market.
Among full AV equipment, we offer LED-wall, Video Wall, projector rental and projector screen rental. We will help you in assessment what will be fit for your event and resentation. Whether the event is held indoors or outdoors will be crucial in such evaluation. For example, projectors are better indoors, in spaces with minimum lighting.
LED-Walls, Video Walls will work in any environment, even outdoors and in the daylight and will provide flawless image.
We have the largest selection of projectors, Video Walls, LCD projectors for office presentations, conferences, meetings, other professional functions or pro-quality movie screening. We are able to suggest dual regime screen projectors that will work best in for large venue presentations.
All the equipment complements to high professional quality, will be delivered, installed, set up and monitored by our experienced crew to guarantee the best quality of performance. Equipment is available for daily, weekly and monthly booking.

Please consider that for the highest quality of results it may be required to pair LED-Walls or Projectors with appropriate sound systems. We are happy to present full package deals to meet all your needs.
Below are listed the pieces of equipment and inventory that are most often required for LED-wall and projector rental. Consider the list is not exhaustive, if you need something not shown on our page or require anything special, please contact us directly and we will be glad to assist.