Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. For what events GeoEvent LLC provides audio equipment rental?

A.  GeoEvent LLC provides you the best quality audio equipments for all occasions such as birthday party, concerts, cooperative events, weddings and for all sorts of events which require sound.

Q2. Please let me know what your sound rental inventory actually contains?

A.  Our sound rental inventory contains Speakers, PA system, Microphone, Audio Mixer, Audio Accessories and Sound System.

Q3. What type of lighting is available on rent at GeoEvent LLC?

A.  GeoEvent LLC offers indoor and outdoor concert lighting, club lasers, fog machines, restaurant lighting, lighting consoles, part and club lighting and lighting effects.

Q4. Will I have to return equipment on my own expense?

A.  Yes, on the completion of rental duration, you have to return all equipments on your own cost and expense in the same condition as received.

Q5. What is your maintenance of equipment policy?

A.  According to maintenance of equipment policy, lessee should maintain equipment in a good condition and shall have to pay all cost for damage which occurs while equipment is in lessee’s custody.

Q6. I want to make my concert successful and then before using your rental serves, please let me know what backline accessories you generally provide?

A.  We offer you the best quality backline accessories such as wireless microphone, condenser microphone, Audio and DMX Cable, DI Box, dynamic vocal/ instrument microphones, adjustable table, laptop stand, microphone and instrument stands and serato interface.

Q7. What if I don’t know exactly what equipment I need?

A.  Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly about your needs as our professionals are there to help you out. Call us at 818-441-8349 and our experts will ask some questions related to your event and thus help you in knowing exact about needed equipments.

Q8. Do you have experts who can operate audio equipments?

A.  Yes, of course. We have highly professional, experienced, skilled and friendly crew who can operate the rental as well and thus make your event successful.

Q9. What if don’t find any particular equipment on your web page?

A.  If you don’t find some kind of special or particular equipment on our web page then call us immediately and we will provide you the same anyhow.

Q10. Do you rent DJ Equipment?

A.  Yes, Geo Event provides high-quality DJ Equipment on rent at a budget-friendly cost so that everyone can afford the same without hurting their pocket much.

Q11. I don’t know how to install these backline accessories. Do you have professionals to install the same?

A.  Yes, we have highly professional staff members who not only install these backline accessories carefully but also operate them in a much more effective way.

Q12. I am looking for Guitar Amplifiers and Cabinets. Do you rent them?

A.  Geo Event offers top-quality guitar amplifiers and cabinets to their customers and that too at affordable prices.

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