Understanding the importance of quality backline is crucial for holding concerts, festivals, and other music-related functions. The right backline plays an essential role in the uccessful performance. We cannot stress enough how impossible it is for a musician to deliver quality without professional backline.
While there are unlimited options available, it is our job to assess your needs and provide the best quality backline. We offer to install, set up and monitor the whole event to create a comfortable environment and guarantee the clean sound for the artists as well as the audience.
Our backline rental services include Drums Set, Guitar Amplifiers & Cabinets, BassAmplifiers & Cabinets, Pianos, Keyboards, Synthesizer, DJ Gear, etc. We also offer various stage accessories that have no less importance, among them: Wireless Microphone rental, Dynamic Vocal/Instrument Microphone rental, Condenser Microphones rental, Analog, and Digital Mixers, Audio and DMX cables, Audio Snake, DI box, Serato Interface, Adjustable table, Microphone, and Instrument stands, Laptop Stands, etc. We are confident to state that all the equipment and inventory is of the best quality and will guarantee flawless performance throughout the whole event. Our crew of technicians will assist you at every stage of the process and will be there if anything does not go as smoothly as expected. With the experience and creativity, we do not fear any obstacles and any kind of interruption will be set aside in the shortest terms.
We provide services tailored down to your specific needs and suitable for the venue of the event. We ensure to create an ideally comfortable and harmonious environment for the performers.

Below are listed the pieces of equipment and inventory that are most often required for backline rental. Consider the list is not exhaustive, if you need something not shown on our page or require anything special, please contact us directly and we will be glad to assist.