Stage lighting is the most crucial aspect of any event because with it, your event is just dim (in the literal sense). It transforms a simple stage into a spellbinding performance space. It sets up the mood, highlighting the moments that make an event what it is, and ensures that the stage is visible to everyone in the audience no matter how far away from the stage they are. Whether you are about to showcase a play, plan a rocking concert, or just getting through an anxiety-driven presentation, understanding what you need to do to set up the stage lights is essential.
While setting up stage lighting can seem difficult at first, with the right planning and some expert tips, you can set up your stage professionally. Here are a few steps you need to keep in mind while setting up stage lights.

1. Figure Out Your Vision

Take some time to figure out your vision behind the event you are organising before you get to the technical requirements needed to set up stage lights. Ask yourself what kind of mood you’re trying to convey. Is it a pulsating high-energy concert that needs moving lights or a more intimate gathering that needs warm tones and subtle lighting. What kind of feeling do you want your audience to experience and are you hosting an elegant and formal gathering or a more energetic one?
Once you figure this out, you can start choosing the right lighting equipment. For instance, for a high-intensity convert, you need a lot of bright lights and spotlights in motion to create an exciting feeling but for a theatrical performance, you need to use softer shades and strategic use of shadows to create a dramatic effect.

2. Consider the Stage Size and Layout

The size of your venue and the stage plays an important role as a larger stage will need more illumination while small stages can function with just a few lights. You can sketch a simple diagram of the stage and position your lighting futures accordingly to visualise the whole scene.

3. Three-Point Lighting

Three-point lighting system is a well-known technique in stage lighting. It uses three lights to create a whole natural-looking stage light setup. Let us understand the functions of each of these lights.

  • Key Light: The most important of the lights is positioned at a 45-degree angle from front on one side of the main stage. It illuminates the performance and keeps a check on the overall brightness on stage. It creates a more natural appearance and can guide the overall look and feel of the performance.
  • Fill Light: Positioned at the opposite side of the key light, this light helps reduce the shadows created by the main lights. It is placed at a lower angle and the light creates a warm glow and is softer than the key light.
  • Backlight: The backlight is used to create depth and is placed behind the performers. It is effective in creating a dramatic highlighting effect in the performer’s costume and a dramatic silhouette.

4. Stage Lighting Equipment Rentals

Rental companies like GeoEvent offer a variety of stage lights, including:

  • Par Cans: From providing washes of light to creating great spotlight effects, they provide all sorts of effects. They come in a range of wattages, colour temperatures, and beam angles.
  • Fresnels: These are more useful when creating a natural look especially for events that feature speakers. They can be adjusted according to the beam size.
  • Moving Lights: As can be figured out from their name, these lights are dynamic in nature and can change colour, creating effects that can be dramatic. They are mostly used for high-intensity performances like concerts and dances.

5. Don’t Forget Color!

While white lights are just used to create spotlights and illumination, coloured gels are used to create moods and add depth to the performance. These transform white lights into the desired colour of light. Reds and yellows are warm tones that help create a welcoming atmosphere and colder tones such as green and blue are used in concerts for a more energetic feel.

6. Test and Refine

Test out the lights once you are done setting up the lighting. Walk around and see how it looks from different angles. Make adjustments wherever needed and eliminate all the unwanted lighting. Having a colleague test out all the stage lightings can also be helpful in case you need advice.

By following these easy tips and practising a little, you can create a stage light setup that enhances all the performances and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Remember that stage lighting isn’t just about illuminating the stage but also telling a story; it’s an art form that can enhance the overall event experience.

You need hours of planning and access to the right equipment to host any event successfully. Having equipment that is of the highest quality and are reliable is the only way you will be able to bring your vision to life. You might be thinking of whether to purchase the whole equipment or just go for rentals to make it affordable. With GeoEvent, you don’t need to worry, because we offer a wide array of event rental equipment to cater to all your needs.

With GeoEvent, you get access to flexible, cost-effective, and cutting-edge technology-filled equipment so that renting high-quality equipment becomes a breeze. Here are a few reasons why GeoEvent should be your trusted partner for the next event you organise:

1. Maximise Your Budget for an Extraordinary Event

Planning a spectacular event in a few months but don’t know if the whole event would end up being a hole in the pocket? Here’s where GeoEvent comes in. Purchasing all the equipment you need upfront can be very costly but GeoEvent’s rental solution gives you a better way out. They are cost-effective and with their extensive inventory, you gain access to a range of equipment without the burden of heavy costs. It will allow you to allocate some of the budget to things that matter like creating a wholesome experience for your guests.

2. Unparalleled Flexibility and Customization

Each and every event comes with its fair share of needs and a distinct atmosphere. GeoEvent understands that needs may arise and gives you unparalleled convenience and flexibility. They have a diverse catalogue of rental equipment starting from state-of-the-art audiovisual systems to extraordinary lighting setups. They allow you enough options so that you can get the equipment you need for a perfect stage setup for your event.

3. Effortless Setup and Hassle-Free Storage

Owning technical equipment comes with its fair share of problems such as management of repairs, ensuring regular maintenance, and finding enough storage space during off-peak time periods. GeoEvent takes care of all these challenges entirely. Their customer service provides exceptional assistance and maintenance so that you can worry about what matters most. You can rest assured that all your equipment will remain in the best of conditions throughout the vent and afterwards.

Once you are done with the event, the convenience continues. You just need to return the equipment to GeoEvent and they take care of everything from there. This service eliminates the burden of storage and allows you to focus on creating a lasting impression and a bucket full of memories for your attendees. 

4. Experience the Latest Technological Advancements

You need the latest technological equipment so that your event comes out to be a success. The event planners who own their equipment find it extremely challenging keeping up with the latest trends as it might be expensive and time-consuming. Geo Event solves this problem by taking care of all your technological needs and offering advanced event rentals, including the latest electronic equipment. Their inventory stays updated with state-of-the-art equipment, so that you can host the event with the best technology that is available to the consumers.
By going with GeoEvent, you gain access to the latest technological advancements without the burden of being financially capable enough to own all the latest technology and maintain it. This will allow you to tend to your attendees with exceptional technology and make your event stand out from the crowd.

5. Expertise and Personalized Service

To host an event, you need to have a companion who can educate you about the event trends and GeoEvent has a team of experienced professionals who can help you out. They go beyond just renting equipment and also offer expert consultations and services so that you are in line with your needs for a successful event. They work with you collaboratively so that they can understand your vision and recommend the best equipment available to bring your ideal event to life. They can advise you on the best lighting design and audio setup so that your event goes flawlessly.

GeoEvent: Your Trusted Partner for Event Success

The event management landscape is filled with organisers who recognise the innumerable benefits of event equipment rentals. GeoEvent provides a comprehensive range of rental options that show affordability, convenience, flexibility, and access to all the latest technological advancements. 

By collaborating with GeoEvent, you will be able save cost, streamline logistics, and ensure that your event stands out, every time. Contact GeoEvent today to transform your dream event into a resounding success.

It takes a lot of elements to ensure that an event is successful. Great sound quality is the most important of all because if the sound isn’t clear, your message won’t reach the audience. Whether it is a concert, a corporate meeting, or a celebration, audio plays an important role in making sure that the message is delivered rightly.

Why Audio Equipment Rentals?

Take for example that your planned speech is inaudible to the audience because of sound equipment of bad quality. Or the music is distorted because of inadequate equipment. It is like a nightmare. Renting speakers of your liking mitigates these risks and offers an array of benefits.

  • The Right Equipment for Every Event: Experienced audio-rental companies such as GeoEvent have a comprehensive inventory so that the speaker you choose matches perfectly to your event. Factors such as the size of the venue, event type, and the demographics play a huge role in figuring out the perfect sound equipment.
  • Professional Touch from Set-up to Take-down of the event: You can leave the technical issues to our professionals. We provide audio technicians who can install and take care of the equipment throughout the event. They will also be responsible for the taking down of the event and ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. They will troubleshoot any problem that arises and ensure smooth and flawless audio.
  • Extensive Inventory for Diverse Needs: Rental companies have a vast collection of speakers and other audio equipment like microphones, wireless systems, PA systems, speakers, and an extensive inventory so that they can cater to all sorts of requirements for different events.
  • Training and Support: Rental companies like GeoEvent organises training sessions to teach you how to operate the equipment and how to manage it. This helps you to ensure that the audio quality is at its best and the risk of errors is avoided during the event.

Unveiling GeoEvent’s Speaker Powerhouse Rentals

GeoEvent helps you take the sound quality of your event to great heights offering you a range of selection of leading speaker systems that can leave your audience wanting for more:

  • QSC K12.2 Speaker: The QSC K12.2 speaker can give you audio perfection and clarity, power and versatility that you can’t imagine so that you come out of the event successful. It can elevate the soundscape of any party.
  • JBL SRX812P: These speakers have powerful output and celebrate flawlessness and seamless connectivity. The JBL SRX812P will leave your audience wanting for more.
  • JBL EON615: The JBL EON615 speakers are the perfect partner for smaller gatherings that demand portability of your equipment. It has astonishing sound quality, user-friendly setup and its compact design is the best option for various events.
  • JBL SRX828SP Subwoofer: The JBL SRX828SP Subwoofer delivers unparalleled and bone-thumping bass that makes you groove to the sound. Renting these will have you engage in a truly immersive experience that will help your audience resonate with the sound and take your event 2 steps higher.
  • JBL VRX932LAP Line Array Speaker: The JBL VRX932LAP line array speaker will engage your audience in clear and soul-touching sound. It will create a captivating experience for the listeners and take your event to a new level.

Choosing the Right Speakers for Your Big Event

Selecting the best speakers for your event is crucial because it will determine the success of your event. Here are a few factors to keep in mind before choosing your audio partner.

  • Event Size and Audience: You need to keep in mind the size of your venue and the number of people attending your event before choosing the best speaker possible. If you are hosting a large event with several crowds of audience, you will need a line array speaker or powerful PA systems. If you’re hosting a smaller event, you can go for portable speakers that are easier to manage without a professional.
  • Event Type: Factor out the type of event you are organising. If you are organising a concert, you might need powerful speaker systems that can handle great volumes and dynamic ranges but for smaller corporate conferences, speakers with exceptional quality are required.
  • Indoor or Outdoor: You might need to figure out if you want to host an event indoors or outdoors. You will need durable and weather-proof speaker systems for open-air events.


Flawless video is the most crucial part behind a successful event so that you can leave a lasting impression on your audience. By partnering with a reputable audio rental company such as GeoEvent, you gain access to professionals who have the expertise to manage an event and the best equipment necessary to transform your event into a resounding success and an unforgettable experience. Let us elevate the audio of your event and make sure that your message is heard loud and clear.

Profile Light Design – Profile lights are the secret sauce for crafting unique and mesmerizing event settings. They’re not just lights; they’re mood sculptors, transforming ordinary spaces into captivating realms. These lights offer an incredible range of possibilities, enabling event designers to create immersive experiences and accentuate the aesthetics of any stage.

The importance of profile lights in event design cannot be overstated. They’re the artists’ brushstrokes, defining the ambiance, highlighting focal points, and setting the mood. Their versatility allows for an array of effects, sharp beams, dancing shadows, and beautiful colors infusing events with drama, elegance, or excitement.

Why GeoEvents for profile light design?

Enter GeoEvent’s realm of lighting rental services, where profile lights steal the show. GeoEvent shines in offering a diverse range of profile lights, each a masterpiece in itself. From sleek designs to cutting-edge technology, their collection caters to every event’s unique vision and requirements.

GeoEvent’s profile light offerings are not just about illumination; they’re about transformation. These lights can be tailored to suit various events, whether it’s a high-energy concert, an intimate corporate gathering, or a grand theatrical performance. With GeoEvent’s expertise, these lights are wielded as tools to paint the stage canvas, creating bespoke atmospheres that leave lasting impressions.

Let’s shed light on how profile lights can be the game-changer for different events

  1. Concerts and Performances: 

In concerts, profile lights take center stage, elevating performances by emphasizing artists, creating dynamic visuals, and adding depth to the stage.

  1. Corporate Events: 

For corporate gatherings, profile lights bring sophistication, branding elements, and a touch of professionalism, making the event space visually engaging.

  1. Theatrical Productions: 

In theater, profile lights work their magic, enhancing storytelling, creating mesmerizing scenes, and bringing out emotions that resonate with the audience.

  1. Weddings and Special Occasions: 

In weddings and special events, profile lights add a touch of glamour, setting the mood, and highlighting key elements like the bridal entrance, stage, or dance floor. They create a magical ambiance, making every moment picture-perfect.

  1. Fashion Shows and Exhibitions: 

For fashion events or exhibitions, profile lights are the design maestros, accentuating models, garments, or showcased items with precision and elegance. They sculpt the visual narrative, making every detail shine.

GeoEvent’s expertise shines through their successful execution of profile light designs. They’ve sculpted stage atmospheres that have left audiences spellbound. From transforming a conference room into a futuristic symposium to turning a concert hall into a symphony of colors, GeoEvent’s mastery in profile light designs speaks volumes.

For event planners and designers seeking to glamorise their events through innovative profile light designs, GeoEvent is the one to chase. Their team’s expertise and diverse offerings pave the way for creating immersive and unforgettable event experiences.


Profile lights aren’t just about illuminating stages, they’re about creating memorable experiences. With GeoEvent’s profile light rental services, event planners and designers can illuminate their event with light, creating magic for the audience and make every moment memorable.

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Lighting is crucial if you want to have a memorable event. The appropriate lighting can create an unforgettable ambiance that will stay with your visitors long after they depart. Knowing the transformative potential of light, GeoEvent provides a variety of fresh and original lighting concepts for events. Here, we’ll delve into seven of these event lighting ideas to demonstrate how they may improve a wide range of events, from weddings and business meetings to themed parties and product launches.

Underwater Elegance for Weddings

Envision an alluring undersea environment with gentle, ambient illumination. The wedding of your dreams is within your reach with the help of GeoEvent’s innovative underwater lighting concept. This lighting scheme is sure to wow guests at your beachside wedding or poolside reception.

Corporate Brilliance for Conferences

The level of sophistication and professionalism expected at business events is high. That’s exactly what you get with GeoEvent’s business lighting services. They may subtly portray your company’s identity and trademarks using custom lighting arrangements. This degree of planning will take your business meeting to the next level.

Themed Ambiance for Parties

The point of throwing a themed party is to transport your visitors to a different setting. Whether you’re throwing a tropical luau, a nostalgic ’80s bash, or a masquerade ball, GeoEvent’s themed lighting ideas will take your guests to another world. They employ changing lights to produce the mood you want, fitting your theme precisely.

Product Launch Impact Event Lighting Ideas

It’s important to use bold lighting when revealing a brand-new product to the public. In order to get people talking about your new product, GeoEvent offers launch lighting solutions that use both color and strategic highlighting. They know that a well-lit display can really make your goods stand out.

Outdoor Magic for Open-Air Events

The outdoor lighting professionals at GeoEvent can help you make the most of your event’s location. Their lighting solutions can make any outdoor event, from a wedding in the garden to a music festival or a company picnic, into a magnificent, lit paradise.

Starry Nights for Romance

Nothing beats a starry night for creating an atmosphere conducive to romance. The starry night lighting concept by GeoEvent is ideal for romantic occasions such as marriage proposals, wedding anniversaries, and other such occasions. Whether you’re indoors or out, you may pretend you’re dancing beneath the stars.

Interactive Fun for Family Events

The emphasis on family-friendly activities should be on having a good time together. All ages may participate in GeoEvent’s interactive lighting experiences. They may set up interactive light displays at your celebrations that react to the beat of the music, the flow of the crowd, and the activities of your visitors.

GeoEvent’s Expertise in Action

The ability to effectively implement these innovative lighting schemes is what makes GeoEvent stand out. Their skilled workforce has completed several projects, including the implementation of these innovative concepts for event lighting. Their portfolio includes both small personal gatherings and large, formal events like galas and business celebrations.

Live performances by artists like Pitbull, Serena Williams, Mikes Hard Lemondade, and many more have all been produced with the help of GEOEVENTS. Brand activations, live performances, and more are just a few of the ways in which GEOEVENTS can elevate your event to new heights.

They provide event lighting rental services using state-of-the-art lighting equipment and the know-how to create and implement lighting designs that go above and beyond customer expectations. GeoEvent can transform any space, inside or out, into a visually attractive and emotionally engaging event.


GeoEvent’s lighting services provide an abundance of fresh and original ways to illuminate any event, making it seem like something really special. Whether you’re planning a wedding, business event, themed party, product launch, outdoor gathering, romantic evening, or family celebration, they have the know-how and experience to bring your ideas to life. GeoEvent is the reliable lighting partner you need to make your event stand out.

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Lighting rentals – If you’re trying to find the best lighting for your event, you might want to consider teaming up with a lighting equipment rental company. The proper lighting can enhance any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, a party, or something else. It can make your event the absolute best it can be and ensure that everyone can see what’s happening. Take some time to learn more about different types of lighting rentals and see if it’s a good fit for your needs. We’ve put together all the info you might need to help you make an intelligent choice.

Types Of Event Lighting Rentals

Lighting Rentals

With a wide variety of event lighting options available, it’s essential to make sure you select the appropriate event lighting rental for your specific needs. Whether you’re in search of party lights, wedding lighting, or stage lighting, carefully consider which type of lighting suits your requirements best.

Stage Lighting

If you have a stage that requires lighting for your event, consider using stage lighting rentals. These moving heads can effectively highlight whatever is placed on the stage, and you can use the stage light rentals for less than $200 per day.

Spot Light

Looking to put the spotlight on your special event? With adjustable beams and precision control, our spotlights can elegantly illuminate your focal points, ensuring all eyes are on the stars of the show. Affordable and reliable, spotlight for rent is the perfect choice to add that extra touch of brilliance to your event.

Architectural Lighting

Illuminating structures and buildings at your event holds significant importance. Architectural lighting is designed to enhance the visual appeal of these edifices while also considering how it brightens the surrounding space. It’s a versatile lighting technique suitable for indoor and outdoor venues, ensuring your event’s ambiance and aesthetics are beautifully accentuated.

Centerpiece Lighting

When you have numerous tables to decorate, especially for wedding lighting arrangements, it’s essential to illuminate their focal points. Achieving this effect is possible with the appropriate table centerpiece lighting. Whether it’s small candles or twinkling LED bulbs gracing each setting, you can create a magical ambiance that sweetens the overall pizzazz of your event.


If you want to add some fun and lively lighting effects to your event, laser lighting is the way to go. The laser lights can put on a great show when used in laser light shows. You can also pair these lights with a mirrored disco ball that will add an additional dose of glamour to any setting.

LED Lighting

LED lights are a great alternative that will light up any event or venue without consuming a lot of power. The best part is they are available in multiple colors that you can match with your theme. They come in different disc shapes that create the right lighting effects.

For your event lighting rentals or indoor lightings rental, don’t hesitate to reach out to Geoevents. With our diligent team, you can be certain that your event will be the talk of the town. Get in touch with us right away to get the rental process started. We’re here and eager to provide the lighting rentals and assistance you need. Let’s make your event truly special with Geoevents!

Planning a wedding is undoubtedly a whirlwind of decisions – from choosing flowers and color schemes to sorting out seating arrangements, safety protocols, and now even considering wedding lighting rental. Amidst all these choices, it’s easy to overlook one essential element: wedding lighting. Yet, wedding lighting is a design feature you should never underestimate.

Why, you ask? Well, wedding lighting has the incredible power to turn your ceremony and venue spaces from mundane to absolutely breathtaking. Imagine every detail looking even more beautiful than you ever imagined – that’s the magic of outdoor wedding lighting. It’s a game-changer for your big day’s overall look and feel.

Why Wedding Lighting Is Essential for Your Big Day

Picture this: your wedding day is here, and it’s time to capture those cherished moments. But without the right lighting, your photos could turn out too dark, leaving your guests struggling to see their food or navigate the dance floor. Yes, it’s an extra expense, but skimping on wedding lighting could mean missing out on the enchantment and magic of your special event.

So, let’s shed some light on creative ways to illuminate your wedding:

Bistro Lighting

There’s an undeniable magic in bistro lighting, making them a perfect fit for weddings and special occasions. Whether you call them fairy lights, string lights, twinkle lights, or cafe lights, these strands of light bulbs can be elegantly draped in various areas at your wedding ceremony or reception. Wedding bistro lighting is incredibly versatile and cost-effective, making it a splendid choice, especially for outdoor weddings like those in backyards or courtyards.


Uplighting is all about strategically placing lighting fixtures next to architectural features or along room perimeters to cast columns of light upward. You can pick colors that match your wedding theme or color palette, adding a dramatic and captivating touch to your wedding ambiance. Uplighting is a crowd-pleaser and one of the most popular choices for achieving striking wedding lighting effects.

Gobo & Projection Patterns

For the ‘wow’ factor, consider adding projection patterns or Gobos to your wedding. A Gobo is a custom-made template that allows light to shine through, projecting a pattern onto a surface. Many couples use Gobos to display their monogram on a wall or dance floor. You can also get creative by projecting unique motifs or designs on the ceiling or wall. Your wedding guests will be truly impressed, and the investment in Gobo lighting is well worth it.

Pin spotting

Perhaps a new term for you, pin spots are small spotlights designed to highlight focal points like your centerpieces and wedding cake. They add a touch of elegance and draw attention to the elements that matter most.


To truly transform your space, consider the addition of chandeliers as part of your wedding lighting. Chandeliers exude regal elegance and a fairytale ambiance, making any room or outdoor area feel enchanting. Imagine walking down the aisle beneath suspended chandeliers – it’s a dream come true.

Incorporating these creative wedding tent lighting options into your wedding can elevate the atmosphere, create unforgettable moments, and make your day truly magical.

At Geoevents, we understand the pivotal role that lighting plays in creating the perfect wedding ambiance. So, make sure to prioritize wedding lighting as you plan your big day. For more ideas on enhancing your wedding decor and overall experience, explore our draping and sound services as well. We’re here to help you make your wedding dreams come true.

How Long Does it Take the Outdoor Stage Rental to Be Completed?

Find the right outdoor stage hire for your specific needs, whether you’re putting on a weekend outdoor festival or a multi-week outdoor event that draws fans from around the world.

Suppose you want your festival to run smoothly. You can draw crowds when you hire the right staff, book the right entertainment, and ensure everyone has access to facilities and amenities. The stage is the heartbeat of any festival, so it should be well-made, perfectly set up, and designed to facilitate the event you are putting on.

In general, you don’t do business with stage rental organizations every day unless you plan major events almost round-the-clock. In order to make sure everything works well before the big event, you will need to make sure the outdoor stage rental company can assist you with building the stage in time.

When can I expect to see an outdoor stage rental built for my event?

As with anything in the event world, it really depends on what kind of stage you want to rent, what kind of budget you have, what venue you are building your stage on, and what timeline you are working with. It’s best to give GeoEvent as much lead time as possible since they can build full-sized stages in less than two days.

Why Get An Outdoor Stage Rental From GeoEvent?

Find the best outdoor stage rental near you! GeoEvent’s Stage Rental in Los Angeles has been servicing the local community for years.

Our professional stage engineers are licensed and insured and specialize in AV rental and installation, specifically outdoor stages. An outdoor truss structured stage rental is a great option for any concert or outdoor event. We can build it any size, any height, and even build a rehearsal backstage.

In addition to building your stage, we can also recommend cost-efficient solutions, and deliver, set up, and operate your rentals. One of our specialties is AV rental and operation, so we can assist you and do it well. A professional AV team combined with your idea can make you stand out!

If you’re planning a festival or event, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important is the type of stage you choose. Check out your options below for a mobile stage that is both reliable and affordable. 

Choosing the right stage rental for your event means considering all the available types. The one you choose will create the best atmosphere for your guests. With the right stage rental, this can be accomplished. You can make a difference in the mood of your guests by choosing the right stage rental.

You’ll learn what to know about sound, lighting, and banners in this ultimate guide to choosing the best portable stage rental, along with tips on choosing the right one for your event.

Portable Stage Rentals & Uses 

You can use portable stage rentals for various events, such as concerts, corporate events, or community festivals. All of these factors depend on each other, so it’s important to know what you’re doing. The size, lighting, and sound system all depend on the type of event you’re hosting.

Stage Sizes 

Choosing the right size stage depends on the number of attendees and the caliber of the performers. If you’re unsure how many people will attend, we suggest a larger stage. Portable stage rentals near you are perfect because of their ease of use, dependability, and professional appearance.

SL 100 24′ X 20′ 

The SL 100 portable stage rental is ideal for street fairs, block parties, fundraisers, outdoor runs, local events, rallies, and more. It can support 800 pounds of audio per side. This ultra-fast and easy-to-use product can be deployed in seconds with a total rigging capacity of 11,800 pounds (5,351 kg). 

Stageline SL 100 stage roofs do not require outriggers or guy lines on any side of their stage size because they have a 24 by 20-foot stage size. Because of this, the audience can easily get close to the stage without being obstructed by other spectators. 

A mobile stage is no problem if you must set up on a city street without blocking the sidewalk. The side areas can be crammed with vendors or tour buses since no ballast is blocking that space.

SL 250 32′ X 24′ 

There are many major events that use Stageline’s SL 250 New Generation. With additional decking, the stage can cover 32 feet x 32 feet. With the capability of flying 2,000 pounds of audio per side and an 18,500-pound roof capacity, this stage has a roof height of 18 feet.

SL 320 40′ X 40′ 

With the SL 320 stage, you can expect 3 hours of setup and removal with six technicians. Although it is a larger stage, it is designed to be set up quickly and removed quickly. With 24 rigging points, the roof capacity is 26,000 pounds, and the max height is 25 feet from the deck. SL 320 is the fastest 40′ portable stage in the industry and has a reputation for safety and reliability. Attendee and performer safety is the top priority at every event. Stageline ensures stage production security.

SAM Series 

With rigging capacities up to 152,000 pounds, the SAM750 is designed for outdoor productions and is ideal for production professionals.


It is also important to consider the portable stage’s weight and make sure it is sturdy enough to accommodate the performers and the equipment. The equipment, especially lighting and sound, is what makes the difference.

Sound System Factors to Consider

You’ll need to ensure the mobile stage can safely accommodate a sound system if you plan to host a concert or other musical event. The sound system and speaker count will determine how far the sound reaches. A smaller venue may only require two full-range speakers and a mixer setup. You will need a different speaker setup if your event is large or intimate.

Outdoor Events 

It is likely that 40 speakers or more, with subwoofers, will be needed at a venue with tens of thousands of people in attendance. Most outdoor events are held in relatively open spaces, so there are no walls to cause reflections. The drawback is that you need a larger audio system to cover the same area, which can be a benefit. It will also travel further if the speaker is higher. 

The size of the stage really makes an impact on the performance. If the speakers aren’t high enough, the sound may be uncomfortable for those in front of the stage. If the speakers aren’t high enough, the sound may go over their heads, so if it’s too high, the impact will be lost in front of the people.

Factors to Determine Audio Setup Needs 

  • An overview of the performance space’s dimensions and nature
  • Amount of attendance expected
  • Music type and artist audio requirements

Factors to Determine the Level of PA 

  • What minimum distance from the stage is you need to hear the music?
  • Approximately how many people will attend, and how big will the crowd be for the sound to be heard?

LED-Wall Factors to Consider

LED walls display visual content like videos, images, text, and other graphics. They are actually walls hung off the stage. This technology creates the illusion of a huge, illuminated wall without junctions.

Rigging Plot 

It’s easy to overlook this necessary step and go straight to researching stage designs. Understanding your rigging plot is one of the most important ways to choose the appropriate stage for your event. Knowing how much load-bearing capacity you need from your grid will help you decide on staging options. 

Consider the case where you skip this step and call the vendor directly to ask about the SL 250 mobile stage. The stage seems to fit all of your needs, with its small footprint and ease of installation. But just a few weeks later, you realize that the production equipment exceeds the 250’s load-bearing capacity. You now have to retrace your steps and start from scratch – less time to plan and more stress.

Setup Time 

As one of the greatest advantages of mobile stages is their ease of setup, you can get the stage ready in just a few hours for your event in most cases. An SL 100 stage, for example, would take two people just 30 to 40 minutes to set up, while SL 320 stages would take four people around 2.5 to 3 hours to set up.

Stage Lighting 

Your options for stage rentals depend on what type of lighting you choose. An SL 250, for example, can carry 2000 pounds of lighting. You also need to determine if you’re just flying lighting or if you’d like a light show. Light shows require an operator to operate the lights.

Banner Configurations 

In addition, you should make sure the banner configuration is properly placed so that the banners are visible from the stage. Banners at outdoor concerts should be printed on blow-through mesh (70/30) and attached safely to the stage to prevent accidents. In order to advertise sponsors, the billboard on which your entertainment performs is the best. 

Using the Stageline banner kit, you can display banners along the stage’s sides, top, and bottom. Your event costs can be offset by showcasing sponsors. As long as the Stageline is printed on a mesh material that is suitable for wind conditions, the wind rating will remain intact. You can use these spaces to upsell or thank everyone involved in your event.

Stage Brand Options 

If you are interested in renting a mobile stage, read on to learn more about the top brands. We recommend Stageline due to its affordability and quality.


It is not possible to fly an LED wall from Century’s load-bearing roof past 1,000 lbs. A century is a popular option for portable stage rental near you. The stage setup is simplified and expedited with Century’s hydraulically operated stages that offer push-button functionality. 


The APEX Stages modular stage system is made in America and supports American industry. APEX Stages offers solutions for various venues, audience sizes, and practical requirements. 


With Stagemobile, you can choose from a variety of stage sizes, from the Stagemobil S all the way up to the Stagemobil XLR, a large semicircular stage that just one person can set up. Made in Germany, these high-quality stages have excellent operational safety features and are quick to set up.

Benefits of Using a Portable Stage 

You can use a portable stage to put on a show with a number of advantages. If you need a place to put on a show that’s easy to set up, easy to take down, and easy to move, a portable stage is a right choice. The following are some of the other benefits of using a portable stage for your event. 

Utilize a portable stage to make the most of your space. Simply move it from location to location.

  • A portable stage would be an excellent option when putting up or taking down a stage.
  • The stage is height-convertible, so it can be used with choirs or other staged setups.
  • Smaller gatherings, or budget-oriented events, can benefit from it.
  • The portable stage can be securely placed almost anywhere that you are holding your event, making it almost possible to use almost any space for your event.

The Use of a Company

The right company can provide you with a portable stage, or any stage, by bringing it directly to your venue. If you decide to rent a portable stage, look into the company for more information and find out if they are the right company to work with. They are able to unpack and set up easily for you. 

A good stage rental company will provide advice on which type to use and show you how to set it up, take it down, and ensure that you are prepared when it comes time to use the stage. Contact the rental company today if you have any questions about the stage or their services.

In Conclusion 

If you’re throwing an event, a portable stage rental is almost always the right choice. When you work with a professional, you can be sure that you are selecting the right staging for your needs. You will need the right stage for your event because this will be the focal point and can make or break the event. 

Depending on your event, you can choose the type of stage that will best serve it. Check out the different stages available from GeoEvent to find the right one. Get in touch with the professionals today to find out what they recommend for your next event.

A successful event consists of dozens of different elements, and each of these elements shall be executed with maximum quality to create an unforgettable experience for both hosts and visitors. 

If we are speaking about conferences, meetings, and expositions, one of the main types of equipment is projectors. They provide you with the ability to use various visual methods of representation. It is much more effective not only to speak about something important but also to show it to the audience. This is why many organizations choose reliable projector rental services in Los Angeles. 

GeoEvent offers a huge variety of different projector equipment suitable for all types of events, from small setups for backyard movie night up to huge screens with sets of speakers and several projectors in one package. Our rental projectors setups are a perfect solution for all types of needs, especially if your event is “almost here” and you need to prepare everything necessary as quickly as possible. 

Our variety of projector equipment can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to the different types of screens, including special inflatable screens that can stand stably on any surface and withstand gusts of wind. Our projector rental packages also include projectors of various types, from simple equipment used mainly for small conferences and up to professional movie broadcasting sets. 

Choose what you need and be sure that our team will deliver projector rental sets and set up everything necessary in time!