Today’s lighting creates atmosphere, displays video content as well as the progress of an audio visual architecture. The right lighting equipment system will always allow you to explore the cover of giving the finest emotional response to your audience. If you have planned for your event, then choosing the best lighting equipment for your event will play the important role in successful events.

Before hiring any lighting equipment system for an event, the primary thing to consider is your lighting plan. The attention to aspect makes all the difference between an average and an amazing event. Producers and event organizers are always suggesting to rent the best production equipment for the event, at the best affordable price, supported by a company they can trust and provide good service. GEOEvent has a long history of providing audio visual, lighting, stage equipment for rent, GEOEvent has the catalog of equipment for rent, and a team of experts on hand to provide dedicated support for your successful event.

Lighting equipment includes moving heads, LED pars, spotlights, strobe lights, lasers, etc. Lighting is used for decoration of stage in any event and leaves the audience awestruck. One advantage with the stage lighting is that there are no restriction or preset rules to use them for any event. Lighting equipment is used for illuminating the stage in order to create an exciting effect. If you are not choosing the right lighting for your then it may kill everyone’s mood and the event becomes truly dull and boring while a right illumination leaves a good impression on everybody. Guest will enjoy more at your event if you place will be properly illuminated and thus it is a major role in choosing the right stage lighting rental los angeles equipments for your event.

There are various lighting equipment available these days in Los Angeles. You just need to have the proper plan and execution of placing these equipment in the right way. GEOEvent have a range of varieties lighting equipment that can turn your event into even a bigger and glorious party. For any kind of event ranging from a fashion show, company party, wedding, concert, anniversary, birthday or any event. GEOEvent provide perfect lighting and sound for your event with an affordable price. We don’t provide only rent lighting however, we also give you the proper assistance with our professionals to fit them right for your successful event.

Contact us anytime and get your modern lighting at the most affordable price in Los Angeles with full assistance.

If you’re thinking about renting Audio Visual, Lighting, Stage, Backline Equipment for your event, presentation, wedding and birthday party, then you need to choose the good rental company in your budget for successful planning. In this blog, We would like to write few things for you with some basic information about sound rental, lighting rental, stage rental to help you make the right selection for your event.

Sound Rental:

Audio sound system rental is a very important role in the process of doing live events. If you think of sound equipment rental in Los Angeles, GeoEvent will provide to you the best quality of sound system for your corporate events, concerts, birthday parties, weddings and for all kinds of events which requires sound with affordable price. We have highly professional, experienced person to manage the sound quality according to your need for your event. Also, they will take care of every necessary equipment you will need for the success of your event. Our inventory contains: Speakers, Sound Systems, Microphone, Audio Mixer, PA Systems and Audio Accessories.

Lighting Rental:

Creating the precise atmosphere for a meeting, event, party can be a big part of its success, and lighting plays a vital role. Too dark for your audience can become drowsy and will get difficult to take notes at the same time as too bright they can become distracted, nervous and irritable. So, you risk losing ground to the effectiveness of your program if you are not planning to choose the best lighting rental company for your successful event. If you think of Indoor and outdoor concert lighting, party and club lighting, restaurant lighting, club lasers, lighting effects, fog machines, lighting console equipment best lighting rental in Los Angeles. Our super experienced and professional staff will help you to make your event successful.

Stage Rental:

The event stage is a vast part of your event and your choice of the stage has a huge impact on the overall outcome of your event. The stage will be the central point that will make everyone’s attention while your event is ongoing. To be certain that you’ll get what you want to use quality stage and trusses, there are very important considerations that you have to create when acquiring stage rental services. If you think of stage rental in Los Angeles, GeoEvent provides all stage equipment of indoor and outdoor events. We provide all types and every size of the stage that you require for all kinds of events – concerts, shows, fashion events, press-conferences, weddings and birthdays for your successful event.

Choosing the correct stage lighting equipment is very important to ensure the success of your event. To make it perfect shine and stand out, you need the right event management provider with a resourceful array of lighting rental services in Los Angeles. When you have an experienced staging rental company managing the back-end of your event, It participates a vital role of your well-planned show is sure to be a big hit for the success of an event. The right lighting service is very important as it will correctly accentuate all the most main aspects of your event and make an impression all attendees.

Stage lighting is not just about filling the stage with a variety of lights. The method that beams of lighting enter and exit a stage can make a very good impact in the overall vibe of an event. Correct stage lighting, though quite exciting, need very careful planning to ensure the success of an event.

You may have planned the sequence of your events for a couple of months, the structure and the attractive design of the stage. But without the perfect lighting all these would be futile efforts of an event. While there are many lighting equipment rental services in Los Angeles, you need of expert teams that have both experience and expertise in event technology and providing good services for Stage Lighting Rental Los Angeles, stage sound and stage equipment. They need to understand the needs of different types of events and what kind of stage lighting and sound each would need for a successful event. When it comes to stage lighting, this involves a creative and innovative display of light to highlight important aspects and tie everything visually together.

The main reasons why you need stage lighting to drastically improve your event. Stage lighting makes illumination to someone on stage to make them visible sufficient for the crowd. Also, the main purpose of a stage lighting is to center everyone’s attention to the performers on stage which, obviously, stage lighting can help with.

We hope this blog post of stage lighting equipment rental has been informative for event planner customers! Contact us today about booking an event equipment rental services in Los Angeles. We look forward to hearing from you for working with you on your event!

What is backline?

The term backline is used in the context of music and sound to designate electronic audio amplification equipment and speakers placed behind the group or rhythm section on stage, including amplifiers and speakers for guitars, basses and keyboards. In the United States and Canada, the term has extended to many musical instruments played by rhythm section musicians.

What does Backline service in Los Angeles Technicians do?

Backline service Los Angeles Technician provides technical support for live performances. Each artist, orchestra or band is different and will have different needs, so the work can be varied. They will need to be comfortable with different types of equipment and different setups. Depending on the musicians and the type of event the Technician is working on they may be responsible for a range of road crew tasks or they may specialize in a particular area, such as percussion or strings. For a small scale performance there may be one Backline Technician who is expected to deal with everything. For a larger scale performance there may be a number of Backline Technicians with different specialist responsibilities. Some Backline Technicians specialize in instruments generally, or specific types of instruments.

Why do I choose backline service Los Angeles?

The department of backline in Los Angeles is committed to providing a complete professional service to their clients, which includes all of the essentials requested by todays touring artist.

Backline service Los Angeles backline department is the fastest growing division within the company, with new pro backline gear being acquired almost monthly.

Your Artist can not travel with their gear? No Problem! They’ve got an extensive line of on stage gear in house. Whether you need just a bass amp or an entire stage full of gear, they’vegot you covered.

Why should you use backline service in Los Angelesfor your next event?

Backline service Los Angeles is a very prodigious company that deals with specialist on every field of work. This allows them to provide you and your associate your with the best backline service in your event.

Backline service Los Angeles services lead to delightful results. They fix your occasion areas with the top-notch quality service of all time. They provide you with the features and aesthetic qualities that serve your needs and express your personality.

Why Backlines are Crucial in an Event

Backline helps to be the equipment needed for the group to create and enhance music. Regardless of whether the drum sets of instruments, loudspeakers, and the background of the band are known to complete music, as well as broadcasting the show to the perfect public. The feedback setting is based on the size of the site, the type of music, the instruments to be used, and the total number of viewers. If the crowd or place is large, more energy is needed. Therefore, an extra robust shift is required.

Performance cannot provide ultimate success without proper instruments, headphones and amplifiers. It is recommended to choose a company service that has great experience in leasing services. for more information please visit here:


The importance of hiring quality audio equipment cannot be overstated because good sound really adds a great atmosphere to any setting. The right songs coming from the right audio setup, can inject great energy into your event. Avoid hiring audio systems that are on the lower end of the cost ladder quite simply because it is a disaster waiting to happen.

A number of generic party hire places Hire low-quality products, which are the same price, or sometimes even more expensive, than hiring quality products from the AV professionals.

The sound quality of cheaper products is obvious because it diminishes the experience. The longer the speakers are used, the more heat is generated and the quality of the sound starts to decline. When hiring quality sound systems you need to ensure it comes from specialists who are more than qualified to advise you on what you need, because hiring quality equipment will ensure a clean and clear sound.

When planning your party, it is important to think about exactly what you require, and there are several factors to take into account. You can’t just pick up a box, plug it in and think that it’s going to bring the house down. There are various speakers, available in a variety of sizes, each of which is designed to deliver a different sound and that is when sound rental Los Angeles comes into your event.

Let us know how sound rental Los Angeles can assist you.

Sound rental Los Angeles work with everyone from touring bands, ad agencies, production companies, event planners and all the way to weddings and backyard parties. No event is too small. they take pride in providing great service. And are always willing to deliver and set up equipment as well as offer the ability to do pick up gear from our Hollywood studio location.

Sound Rental Service Los Angeles offers a classic selection of polished hardwood and Lucite lecterns along with our full range of modern P/A systems and video projection packages. The newest edition to our product line is the Stage line mobile series of festival-style stages and roof systems, offering quality without compromise. From intimate weddings to corporate presentations to full multimedia events, our professional audio/visual staff is … keeping you above the crowd!

What difference can Sound rental Los Angeles bring to your event?

There is no substitute for their personal touch of a truly independent business, especially in the field of live event production. Above all, this is an industry based on human relationships and it is this simple but crucial fact that has always shaped the Entec character.

They never forget that we exist within a service industry and sharing the benefit of our experience is part of what we do on a daily basis. Having the longest track record in Los Angeles as an independent lighting and sound production company puts us in the very privileged position of being able to assess virtually any situation and give valuable, balanced advice. Sound rental Los Angeles like to think this is part of what makes us different.

Whether you are planning a personal event like a wedding or you are orchestrating something more large scale like a benefit or expo, setting the perfect atmosphere is extremely important. Lighting rentals Los Angeles is a great way to set the mood of an event and create a first impression for people entering. If the lighting of your event has been done correctly then the rest of your event falls into place easily. Unfortunately, depending on the size of your event and the size of your location, you might not be able to accomplish this task on your own. Luckily there are professionals who transform just about any space into the perfect atmosphere for your own event using different colors of lights and different intensities.

Lighting rental in Los Angeles

Lighting rental Los Angeles is the number one rental service of professional lighting equipment in Los Angeles at large. From their large warehouses in Los Angeles. Lighting rental provides the latest lighting equipment for professional use. For over the years, lighting rental Los Angeles is a one-stop-solution AV supplier for each organizer, producer and manager in the world of theater, television, live entertainment and corporate events. What distinguish Lighting rental Los Angeles from other companies are our large volumes, the latest products, guaranteed quality and competitive prices. Through it all Lighting rental Los Angeles is a major contributor to the success of your event or production.

Why Choose Lighting rental Los Angeles?

They are the Lighting rental in Los Angeles and the first source of providing light for wedding and other event of distinction. Lighting rental Los Angeles products, services and distinguished personalized approach help ensure that hundreds of events each year are simply exceptional. Lighting rental Los Angeles professionally certified team understands the unique requirements of working in all types of venues which include parting, parks, birthday light and more. At lighting rental Los Angeles they will support and help you make educated decisions for lighting, roof top lighting and other place you can insert your event light. Lighting rental Los Angeles have created a special learning center and inspiration gallery to also assist you with common questions for those new to party light  planning and renting.

Lighting rental Los Angeles rentals include everything you need for your wedding or event, including nationwide shipping, pre-paid returns, easy setup instructions, and a generous 5 day rental period. There are no hidden fees or upsells. Reserve with confidence!

As is rightfully said “Sound is the vocabulary of Nature”, the quintessence of life gets mortified with the touch of sound. In every aspect of life, especially in this century, when every single individual is so much goal-driven and is allured towards the idea of perfection, the sound has something just about meaningful to add on in our lives. Be it organizing a conference at your workspace or indulging yourself in a family get together; an unusual sound rental service system goes a long way with macadamizing your kaleidoscope of memories.

Sound Rental Service Los Angeles opens up new prospects of hiring proficient professionals who are ready to guide you through the planning and execution processes and contributes towards making your event one of a kind. Sound rental services take the success of any event to a new height, primarily because of their tech-friendly and advanced optimization techniques that they render on site. With the thriving population of 13.1 million inhabitants with multitudes of personalities and having varied interests, it can be quite tough at times to look into every person’s retrospectives. However, the Los Angeles sound rentals have never failed to accomplish the dreariest of tasks.

Their protracted rental inventory which includes self-powered speakers, wireless microphones, DJ gears, signal processing units, playback devices and supersonic amplifiers can suffice your needs-howsoever big or small they might be. Some of them even come up with live sound production which renders you the option of availing the whole package within a reasonable budget.

Perks of renting the sound system

Audio systems can be absolutely expensive to buy, even the regular sized equipment. Thus it’s better to rent them for a day or two than bearing the money invested in buying one.

You get saved from the tiresome work of organizing all these equipment and get yourself the experts who are dedicated to making your event a big hit.

Specializing in all events of sound production, these rentals can actually make you look and sound spectacular while paving some really good memories to be cherished.

There is no last minute panic regarding the setup.

You will end up saving a lot of time, money and energy at the end of the day.

Los Angeles bears some reputed sound rental firms who have even made happen some of the top-notched programs like the Grammys and the Super-bowl. They are the transformers of present time who have quite successfully manipulated sound and represented it as Art. So the next time, you try to organize your high school prom or throw a concert of your own, remember, you do have the liberty to go out of the conventional way and choose to make it something worth looking back to. After all, sound represents the idea beneath your mind and makes you stand out in the crowd (Lighting Rental Los Angeles).

Stage rental provides flexible options for stage equipment rent. We offer staging for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as delivery, set-up and breakdown services. Rent a stage in Los Angeles for lighting up your stage, birthday parties, award shows, corporate events, block parties, party event or any other application you can dream up! Give us a call for a fast quote on a custom solution for your event.

There are many different types of stages that Stage Lighting Rental Los Angeles provides. We are one of the few staging companies that have an in-house metal and wood shop that allows us to customize stages to fit your exact needs. We provide stage equipment, sound rental, lighting rental, Seating Risers, Turntable Stages, Runway Stages, Commencement and Graduation Stages, Rolling Stages, birthday stages, and party Stages. All stages can be designed to fit your specific height, size, shape, stage top material, and color your desire.

Most of our stages can be built on any surface indoor or outdoor. Some of our previous indoor venues include event center, convention centers, award center, and schools. Examples of outdoors venues we have done in the past include sporting fields, concerts, and festivals. All of our stages can be built on uneven or sensitive surfaces without damaging them, while still providing a safe and stable stage. Our swimming pool covers are built in water and are just as stable as those built on a dry, even surface.

Stage Rental builds its stages using the best material staging pieces that can be customized to match the needs of your events. These stage pieces can be painted or covered with materials such as Marley, acrylic, or carpet. All of our legs are made of steel and measured to the exact height needed for your stage. Steel cross braces are then added to the legs for extra support.

Why should you use Stage Rental Los Angeles for your next event?

Stage Rental Los Angeles is a great company that associates with specialist at every field, a full production company. This allows us to provide you with all of your staging needs along with lighting, audio, and chair rentals. All of your stages are built under ADA guidelines and we can provide engineer stamped documents. We want you to feel confident that your event is meeting all safety guidelines. Stage Rental Los Angeles is here to help you from planning to clean up of your event.

Stage Rental has a very professional and passionate staff that shows up on time and is always ready to make your event special. With safety being our top priority and our owners working side by side with our staff, your event is sure to go off without a hitch. We would love for you to let us show you why our customers continue to use Stage Rental for their events.

For more information about our services or to get a quote please visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

If you are planning to conduct a party or any occasion, party and club lighting are effective in enhancing the elegance of the occasion. You can create the best warm welcome as the place is highlighted with club lighting. Such type of lighting is helpful in enhancing the appeal of the place. Here are some of the effective ways in which club lighting can add to the zeal of the parties:

Improving the Appearance of the Venue

One of the benefits of lighting the outdoor is enhancing the look of the home. With the right positioning, the outdoor lighting can be helpful in making the architectural features of the home stands second to none. It is helpful in the creation of the enchanting facade post to the sundown. These lights can be used on the commercial properties for the creation of colorful and inviting curb appeal.


The Party and club lighting in Los Angeles plays a vital role in the way in which the outdoor space is used during the event. In case the patio or deck cannot be used after the sunset, people may miss out on the fun. Lighting rentals are considered to be the best option in this regard as it helps in enjoying the cool evening breeze on the deck, after the sunset. This is helpful in unwinding the stress after a stressful day.

Security and Safety

A well-lit yard indicates that you do not require groping in the darkness while moving out of or in the building. Owing to this, the home appears less inviting to the potential intruders as they are not dark spots and shadows for providing cover.

Extended Decor

The Outdoor lighting for rent in Los Angeles ensures that the lights can be used for different decorative purposes. This is true for the commercial building owners who are looking forward to enhancing the beauty of the property with the use of exterior lighting.