JBL VTX B28 Dual 18″ Subwoofer


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The JBL VTX B28 is a professional-grade subwoofer designed for use in live sound reinforcement and music production applications. It features dual 18-inch Differential Drive woofers with patented Direct Drive voice coil technology that provide high output and low distortion. The B28 is designed to be used in conjunction with other JBL VTX series loudspeakers, such as the V25-II, to provide extended low-frequency performance in large venues.

The B28’s enclosure is constructed of high-quality birch plywood and coated with JBL’s DuraFlex finish. The enclosure is tuned to a frequency of 27 Hz, and the woofers are designed to handle up to 2,500 watts of continuous power. The B28 also features a dual-impedance switch that allows it to be used in 4-ohm or 8-ohm configurations, depending on the requirements of the sound system.

The B28 is designed to be used in large concert venues, stadiums, and other applications where high-quality, high-output sub-bass is required. It is an industry-standard subwoofer used by many of the world’s top touring acts and production companies.

Technical Specifications:

Delivers transparent, linear bass response down to 25 Hz
JBL Differential Drive woofers
Large double-flared port for greater extension and reduced turbulence
Simple 2-point spring-loaded rigging system
FEA-optimized enclosure
Front and rear NL4 connectors
Support for omnidirectional or cardioid modes
Acoustically compatible with all VTX full-range products
Flexible accessory options
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