P2.6 LED Video Wall – 16.4’ x 9.9’

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 LED video wall P2.6 refers to a specific type of LED display with a pixel pitch of 2.6mm, designed for indoor use. The pixel pitch of 2.6mm signifies the distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels on the LED screen. A smaller pixel pitch generally results in a higher resolution and sharper image quality. P2.6 indoor LED video walls are often used in environments where viewers are in close proximity to the screen, such as indoor events, retail spaces, corporate lobbies, conference rooms, and control rooms. With a pixel pitch of 2.6mm, these LED displays can provide high-quality, detailed visuals even at relatively close viewing distances. PRICE INCLUDES: (28) 500 x 500 LED Video Tiles (1) Frame / Support (1) 4K Video Processor (1) Cable Bundle Refresh Rate – 7680 Hz Delivery / Pick Up – Installation / Strike  GeoEvent offers a complete LED video wall rental service, including TV screen rental, video processor rental, video switcher rental, and converter rental, across Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and San Diego.