11.4’ x 6.6’LED Video Wall – 1.9mm


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A 1.9mm LED video wall refers to a type of display technology that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to create a large video display with a pixel pitch of 1.9mm. The pixel pitch indicates the distance between the center of two adjacent pixels on the LED screen, and a smaller pixel pitch generally results in a higher resolution and sharper image. In the context of LED video walls, a 1.9mm pixel pitch means that the distance between the centers of two neighboring LEDs is 1.9mm. This tight pixel pitch allows for high-resolution displays, making it suitable for applications where clarity and detail are essential, such as in indoor environments with close viewing distances, like control rooms, conference rooms, retail spaces, and broadcasting studios. LED video walls offer several advantages, including high brightness, vibrant colors, wide viewing angles, and the ability to create large seamless displays by tiling multiple LED panels together. They are commonly used in various settings for advertising, information display, entertainment, and other purposes where dynamic visual content is required. PRICE INCLUDES: (28) 500 x 500 LED Video Tiles (1) Frame / Support (1) 4K Video Processor (1) Cable Bundle Delivery / Pick Up – Installation / Strike 
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