Power Distribution 120/208V ~ 3Ø 4P/5W

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It’s the powerful power distribution from Indu-Electric which is the leading company in this industry. A large number of inputs and powerful protection gives us the opportunity to connect a large number of equipment.

Input Type (1)

Camlock (5)

Camlock pass thru (1)

175A 3 Pole Main Breaker Branch Devices (1)

208V 6 Circuit 19 Pin (2)

120V 6 Circuit 19 Pin (6)

20A 120V Duplex Outlets Protection (6)

Breaker 20A/2P (12)

Breaker 20A/1P (6)

Breaker 20A/1P Rating Rated Voltage: 120/208V ~ 3Ø 4P/5W Rated Current: 175A / 50/60Hz