Stage rental

The event stage is a crucial part of your event. It serves as the main attraction, so you definitely want a high-quality stage and trusses. It’s important to know what to keep in mind when renting one to avoid expensive errors or, even worse, accidents. Today, we’ll share five essential but often overlooked factors to consider when getting stage rental services.

Your choice of stage greatly impacts how your event turns out. It’s the center of attention while your event is happening. Since it’s the main focus, you should insist on using top-notch stages and trusses. To ensure you get what you need, there are important things to think about when getting stage rental services.

This blog will help guide you in finding the best portable stage rental option to avoid costly mistakes and unforeseen problems.


First and foremost, you should think about the expenses involved. Stage platform rental is just a part of your overall event preparation and operation. The cost should align comfortably with your budget. It’s a smart practice to talk with the stage rental provider about your budget and work together to find the best solution that meets your event’s needs and your financial plan.

But quality should always come before price, especially when going with the less expensive alternative means settling for something that is not durable or that might lead to other problems.

When working with a supplier, it’s crucial to think about every related expense, not just the ones they specify. Some sellers may charge extra for services like labor, delivery, weekend availability, etc. For this reason, it is crucial to investigate whether additional fees are associated with renting the stage and to include these expenditures in the overall budget.

Size of the Stage

A frequent and costly error is selecting a stage that is inadequate for the demands of the event. This is the expected result when there has been little planning and discussion with the supplier. It’s worth remembering that the stage rental firm may be able to provide advice that works specifically for your event. It is preferable to hash out any issues with the vendor in advance of the event.

Transport and Installation Services

Even though transportation and installation services are typically part of the stage rental package, it’s a good practice to double-check whether these services are indeed included in your stage rental agreement or if there are additional charges for labor and delivery. This is important because transporting the stage and trusses demands the use of an appropriate vehicle, and the installation process relies on skilled personnel. For your convenience, it’s preferable to find a supplier that can manage both the delivery and installation of the stage and trusses, along with any other essential fixtures needed for your event.

Damage Policy

It’s a wise decision to have a conversation about the supplier’s damage policy before renting, as this will provide you with protection in case any of their stage rental materials are damaged during your event. When finalizing the rental agreement, reaching a mutual agreement with the supplier on the damage policy is quite significant. This aspect often ties into event insurance, which leads us to the next point.

Event Insurance

Lastly, it’s essential to ensure the event proceeds seamlessly, and in the unfortunate event of mishaps, comprehensive insurance coverage for both people and belongings is essential. Therefore, contemplating event insurance is crucial. It’s prudent to obtain commercial general liability insurance before any equipment is installed for your event. Given the various unforeseen circumstances that can occur during the event, this step ensures you’re safeguarded against potential liabilities.

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