CHAUVET – Maverick Force S Spot


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Maverick Force S Spot is ideal for small to medium multi-faceted projects in need of seamless color-mixing, advanced optics, and control options in a lightweight frame, well under 50 lbs. The compact unit features a smart optical system that maximizes the output of 14,000 lumens and provides high-quality color-mixing with a CTB filter. An 8-slot color wheel is also added with split-color combinations in mind. Maverick Force S features a speedy effects engine that includes motorized iris, frost, focus, a 5-facet prism, and wide zoom ranging from 4° to 43°. Additionally, custom gobos created in collaboration with leading designers can be stacked on top of one another for dynamic effects. That is a lot packed in a small frame standing just over 2 ft tall. Control as you see fit with DMX, sACN, Art-Net or W-DMX.


Light Source: 1 LED (CW) 350 W, (2.7 A), 8400 K
Color Temperature (at full): 6858 K
CRI: 68.6
CRI with CRI filter: 89.6
Front Lens Diameter: 119 mm
Beam Angle: 3.8° to 36.5°
Field Angle: 4.8° to 40.4°
Cutoff Angle: 5.1° to 43.4°
Zoom Range: 3.8° to 43.4°
Lumens – Source: 20,000
Lumens – Output: 14,407