Crown Audio I-Tech 4x3500HD


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The Crown Audio I-Tech 4x3500HD DriveCore is a professional-grade power amplifier designed for use in sound reinforcement and audio production applications. It features four channels, each capable of delivering up to 3500 watts of power, for a total output of 14000 watts. One of the key features of the I-Tech 4x3500HD is its use of DriveCore technology, which integrates the amplifier circuitry onto a single chip, resulting in a more compact, efficient, and reliable design. This technology also allows for advanced DSP (digital signal processing) capabilities, such as real-time loudspeaker optimization and EQ. In terms of connectivity, the I-Tech 4x3500HD features XLR and SpeakOn inputs and outputs, as well as Ethernet and USB ports for remote control and monitoring. The amplifier also includes various built-in safety features, such as temperature and current limiters, to protect both the amplifier and connected speakers from damage. GeoEvent offers a comprehensive range of audio rental services, including PA rental, speaker rental, and DJ equipment rental, across Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and San Diego.