Large Stage 24′ x 16′ – With Backdrop

was $1375/day now $1275/day

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We are ready to answer all your needs. This is why we offer a large stage deal with a backdrop. A backdrop will help you create a professional concert or performance atmosphere even outdoors. Apart from 12 professional stage risers, stairs, and a stage skirt, this deal will include a pipe and a drape. Thus, you will create a backstage atmosphere, use your company’s brand logo in the background, and do anything you wish for. The set includes:

  • (12) Portable Stage Riser
  • (48) Adjustable Legs
  • (2) Sets of Stairs
  • (1) IFR Black Skirt
  • (1) Pipe and Drape 8’x24’

GeoEvent provides a full spectrum of stage rental services, including stage risers, stairs, guardrails, truss systems, lifts, stage skirts, pipe and drape, across Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and San Diego.