To create an engaging event that resonates with audiences, a conference’s audio visual needs must be met. Audio, visuals, lighting, and presentation equipment may be needed to deliver your message in the form of an unforgettable event. A great way to get everything together in these situations is to find a proper AV equipment rental service.

A high-quality AV equipment rental company is hard to find, so here are some tips on how to choose one.

What Do We Mean By Audio Visual Equipment?

With AV rental, you provide your audience with clear and effective presentations, while enhancing quality and performance. In addition to these major benefits, what are some other advantages of AV equipment rental companies in Los Angeles

AV equipment rentals are the responsibility of the audio visual provider. Ensure that all components are correctly aligned, including logistics, rigging, power, video and presentation format, PA system, screen size, and other essentials. Audio visual equipment is installed, tested, and run by technicians who work for a video rental company.

Why Your Event Needs AV Equipment Rental Services

Renting high-quality AV equipment is important whether you’re holding a conference or hoping to improve your organization’s meetings. A wide range of AV services are offered by providers. Other uses for AV equipment and services include conferences and office meetings. Many schools and universities use interactive whiteboards and projection equipment as part of their technical services. 

The following are some great reasons to rent audio equipment:

  • The latest technology: Recent developments in AV technology can be easily rented by AV rental companies for all your technological requirements. You don’t have to purchase new equipment each time something changes, which can be extremely expensive. Just rent it.
  • Technical expertise: It’s likely that you’ll need in-house technicians unless you’re fully knowledgeable about AV equipment. As well as providing your AV rentals, your service provider will help you set them up. 
  • Simple last-minute additions: Even with the best planning, anything can go wrong. In this case, you will need to add some last-minute technical additions. To ensure that an event is a success, in-house technicians often bring a wide range of additional technical equipment.

Benefits to Renting Audio Visual Equipment

The difference between a mediocre event and an unforgettable one can be made by audio visual equipment rental services! A proper AV equipment rental service offers a number of benefits, including:

Technical Support

In the field of AV rentals, the technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable. In a typical year, our technicians at GeoEvent work over a hundred events and know how to react quickly to technical problems. The techs are able to service and maintain the rented equipment whether this involves practice runs or rehearsals to root out any glitches.

The Art of Mastering Space

Keeping your audio visual specialist in the loop gives them the opportunity to assist you in the planning process. AV setups must consider everything from room size, outlet distribution, window arrangement, rigging grids, light exposure, ceiling heights, and other elements of each venue. You will be able to find a more suitable arrangement if you collaborate early.

Checklist for AV Equipment

You may want to consider using these audiovisual equipment rentals for conference events to create a successful event. If you want to create an engaging experience for an audience, consider the different pieces of equipment that can play a crucial role.

Projector Screens 

Screen format and projector type are important factors to consider when choosing a projection screen. From zero ambient light to direct sunlight, GeoEvent’s screens guarantee consistent, clear, and visible images in all conditions. Ask about blending wide-screen edges together to create a larger than life projection screen 40′, 60′ or 100′ wide.

Projectors in HD and SD 

Projectors come in a variety of resolutions, whether you prefer high-resolution or standard-resolution. A top-of-the-line projector has never been easier to select for size, brightness, format, and resolution.

LED and LCD TVs 

Digital visuals are best delivered through LED and LCD flat screens. GeoEvent can quickly provide a series of 30″ displays for scattered audience members or an 80″ display for a larger audience.

4mm LED Video Walls 

4mm LED video walls are made of multiple 20″ x 20″ video tiles that can be integrated together to create truly monumental, breathtaking images. You can create rectangle video walls of different sizes, shapes, and sizes, or create unique shapes to create a custom backdrop. This can be used to display additional/different content to complement a main screen.

Staging and Stage Lighting 

Staging allows you to focus audience attention on a single speaker. The speaker will have the platform they need with stage mounts, risers, and podiums, which coordinate with the atmosphere of the event. For instance, stage lighting can offer a decorative element or further this goal.

Room Lighting 

Lighting arrangements determine the ambience of a room. Dark lighting makes an event seem formal, while bright or flashy lighting creates a party atmosphere. You can also use lighting as a decorative feature or as the center of a show.

Digital Branding 

At a hosted event, your logo can be displayed in several ways. The right branding techniques can get you recognition, from screens to gobo lighting to the podium.

Video Conferencing Gear 

Your event doesn’t have to be far away for people to participate. By combining cameras with wireless transmission, audiovisual display, and wireless transmission, you can bring people together from around the globe.


Mics (wired or wireless) help to ensure that messages are heard clearly and consistently, even by the best speakers, who are still limited by their lung capacity.

PA System/Speakers 

A large venue can make it difficult to keep everyone informed and on track. Your song, speech, announcement, and more are delivered in a unified and pitch-perfect manner with PA and speaker systems.

Presentation Accessories 

Power Points, visual aids, streaming video, and more digital tools can all be incorporated into presentations using laptops, projectors, and clickers. You can also ask live questions to large groups and get real-time responses using audience response systems. 

Simultaneous Interpretation 

When you have attendees who speak different languages or are deaf, translating is an important service you should provide. Through simultaneous interpretation, the information can be converted in real time, allowing everyone to follow along at the same pace, engaging them equally.

Audio Visual Rental Services Near You

In addition to our Los Angeles and Las Vegas offices, GeoEvent offers a variety of live event services. Using the latest audiovisual displays and support technology, we pride ourselves on “creating event magic”. To suit the AV needs of any conference or event, our top techs are equipped with industry-leading equipment. 

Are you unsure what will work best for you? Don’t hesitate to ask our techs for advice! Interested in learning more about GeoEvent and how we can enhance your corporate gatherings and special occasions? Feel free to contact us at 818-478-2009 or

There are plenty of reasons to choose rent a stage equipment for the event. We would suggest for considering these ways, renting a stage equipment can enhance your party or any kind of events before making your final decision for the event.

Safety: – A stage is a comprehensible division point between the band and the users. It gives the band a clean line of borders of where to set their stage equipment and your audience a clean border line of how far they go into the band space. Lighting on stage, tripping over the speakers, knocking over speakers, and even serious harm can be avoided by setting these boundaries with a stage. And thus, safety should be effortless.

Picture Quality: – A stage makes layers in your space arrangement that are great for picture session for the audience! It even gives your photographers a vantage point to take photos a at great angles to clear and attractive photos. The stage lighting also plays the vital role to clear the photos to put some extra clarity. Depending on how large your event space is and how many audiences you have on a stage will enhance the gaze of everything for the
successful event.

Better Sound:– Sound plays the vital role for any kind of event. The importance of renting quality audio visual equipment cannot be flashy because good sound really adds a great atmosphere to any setting.

Lighting: – Lighting is absolutely one of the most important aspects of a party or event. It can give depth and mood to an event space as well as tie together.

Seeing Each Other:– The visual effects of a band are most important what they sound like. Seeing a band move about and play their instruments is a part of whole band experience. It performs brings an energy to the party or event that cannot be compared by a recording of the music.

If you are planning for renting stage equipment in Los Angeles then we would be happy to assist you. For more information on In Depth Events rental equipment services, pricing, etc…please Ask Us a Question today. We look forward to hearing from you to give you a satisfactory answer to your queries and working with you on your event!