How Long Does it Take the Outdoor Stage Rental to Be Completed?

Find the right outdoor stage hire for your specific needs, whether you’re putting on a weekend outdoor festival or a multi-week outdoor event that draws fans from around the world.

Suppose you want your festival to run smoothly. You can draw crowds when you hire the right staff, book the right entertainment, and ensure everyone has access to facilities and amenities. The stage is the heartbeat of any festival, so it should be well-made, perfectly set up, and designed to facilitate the event you are putting on.

In general, you don’t do business with stage rental organizations every day unless you plan major events almost round-the-clock. In order to make sure everything works well before the big event, you will need to make sure the outdoor stage rental company can assist you with building the stage in time.

When can I expect to see an outdoor stage rental built for my event?

As with anything in the event world, it really depends on what kind of stage you want to rent, what kind of budget you have, what venue you are building your stage on, and what timeline you are working with. It’s best to give GeoEvent as much lead time as possible since they can build full-sized stages in less than two days.

Why Get An Outdoor Stage Rental From GeoEvent?

Find the best outdoor stage rental near you! GeoEvent’s Stage Rental in Los Angeles has been servicing the local community for years.

Our professional stage engineers are licensed and insured and specialize in AV rental and installation, specifically outdoor stages. An outdoor truss structured stage rental is a great option for any concert or outdoor event. We can build it any size, any height, and even build a rehearsal backstage.

In addition to building your stage, we can also recommend cost-efficient solutions, and deliver, set up, and operate your rentals. One of our specialties is AV rental and operation, so we can assist you and do it well. A professional AV team combined with your idea can make you stand out!

If you’re planning a festival or event, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important is the type of stage you choose. Check out your options below for a mobile stage that is both reliable and affordable. 

Choosing the right stage rental for your event means considering all the available types. The one you choose will create the best atmosphere for your guests. With the right stage rental, this can be accomplished. You can make a difference in the mood of your guests by choosing the right stage rental.

You’ll learn what to know about sound, lighting, and banners in this ultimate guide to choosing the best portable stage rental, along with tips on choosing the right one for your event.

Portable Stage Rentals & Uses 

You can use portable stage rentals for various events, such as concerts, corporate events, or community festivals. All of these factors depend on each other, so it’s important to know what you’re doing. The size, lighting, and sound system all depend on the type of event you’re hosting.

Stage Sizes 

Choosing the right size stage depends on the number of attendees and the caliber of the performers. If you’re unsure how many people will attend, we suggest a larger stage. Portable stage rentals near you are perfect because of their ease of use, dependability, and professional appearance.

SL 100 24′ X 20′ 

The SL 100 portable stage rental is ideal for street fairs, block parties, fundraisers, outdoor runs, local events, rallies, and more. It can support 800 pounds of audio per side. This ultra-fast and easy-to-use product can be deployed in seconds with a total rigging capacity of 11,800 pounds (5,351 kg). 

Stageline SL 100 stage roofs do not require outriggers or guy lines on any side of their stage size because they have a 24 by 20-foot stage size. Because of this, the audience can easily get close to the stage without being obstructed by other spectators. 

A mobile stage is no problem if you must set up on a city street without blocking the sidewalk. The side areas can be crammed with vendors or tour buses since no ballast is blocking that space.

SL 250 32′ X 24′ 

There are many major events that use Stageline’s SL 250 New Generation. With additional decking, the stage can cover 32 feet x 32 feet. With the capability of flying 2,000 pounds of audio per side and an 18,500-pound roof capacity, this stage has a roof height of 18 feet.

SL 320 40′ X 40′ 

With the SL 320 stage, you can expect 3 hours of setup and removal with six technicians. Although it is a larger stage, it is designed to be set up quickly and removed quickly. With 24 rigging points, the roof capacity is 26,000 pounds, and the max height is 25 feet from the deck. SL 320 is the fastest 40′ portable stage in the industry and has a reputation for safety and reliability. Attendee and performer safety is the top priority at every event. Stageline ensures stage production security.

SAM Series 

With rigging capacities up to 152,000 pounds, the SAM750 is designed for outdoor productions and is ideal for production professionals.


It is also important to consider the portable stage’s weight and make sure it is sturdy enough to accommodate the performers and the equipment. The equipment, especially lighting and sound, is what makes the difference.

Sound System Factors to Consider

You’ll need to ensure the mobile stage can safely accommodate a sound system if you plan to host a concert or other musical event. The sound system and speaker count will determine how far the sound reaches. A smaller venue may only require two full-range speakers and a mixer setup. You will need a different speaker setup if your event is large or intimate.

Outdoor Events 

It is likely that 40 speakers or more, with subwoofers, will be needed at a venue with tens of thousands of people in attendance. Most outdoor events are held in relatively open spaces, so there are no walls to cause reflections. The drawback is that you need a larger audio system to cover the same area, which can be a benefit. It will also travel further if the speaker is higher. 

The size of the stage really makes an impact on the performance. If the speakers aren’t high enough, the sound may be uncomfortable for those in front of the stage. If the speakers aren’t high enough, the sound may go over their heads, so if it’s too high, the impact will be lost in front of the people.

Factors to Determine Audio Setup Needs 

  • An overview of the performance space’s dimensions and nature
  • Amount of attendance expected
  • Music type and artist audio requirements

Factors to Determine the Level of PA 

  • What minimum distance from the stage is you need to hear the music?
  • Approximately how many people will attend, and how big will the crowd be for the sound to be heard?

LED-Wall Factors to Consider

LED walls display visual content like videos, images, text, and other graphics. They are actually walls hung off the stage. This technology creates the illusion of a huge, illuminated wall without junctions.

Rigging Plot 

It’s easy to overlook this necessary step and go straight to researching stage designs. Understanding your rigging plot is one of the most important ways to choose the appropriate stage for your event. Knowing how much load-bearing capacity you need from your grid will help you decide on staging options. 

Consider the case where you skip this step and call the vendor directly to ask about the SL 250 mobile stage. The stage seems to fit all of your needs, with its small footprint and ease of installation. But just a few weeks later, you realize that the production equipment exceeds the 250’s load-bearing capacity. You now have to retrace your steps and start from scratch – less time to plan and more stress.

Setup Time 

As one of the greatest advantages of mobile stages is their ease of setup, you can get the stage ready in just a few hours for your event in most cases. An SL 100 stage, for example, would take two people just 30 to 40 minutes to set up, while SL 320 stages would take four people around 2.5 to 3 hours to set up.

Stage Lighting 

Your options for stage rentals depend on what type of lighting you choose. An SL 250, for example, can carry 2000 pounds of lighting. You also need to determine if you’re just flying lighting or if you’d like a light show. Light shows require an operator to operate the lights.

Banner Configurations 

In addition, you should make sure the banner configuration is properly placed so that the banners are visible from the stage. Banners at outdoor concerts should be printed on blow-through mesh (70/30) and attached safely to the stage to prevent accidents. In order to advertise sponsors, the billboard on which your entertainment performs is the best. 

Using the Stageline banner kit, you can display banners along the stage’s sides, top, and bottom. Your event costs can be offset by showcasing sponsors. As long as the Stageline is printed on a mesh material that is suitable for wind conditions, the wind rating will remain intact. You can use these spaces to upsell or thank everyone involved in your event.

Stage Brand Options 

If you are interested in renting a mobile stage, read on to learn more about the top brands. We recommend Stageline due to its affordability and quality.


It is not possible to fly an LED wall from Century’s load-bearing roof past 1,000 lbs. A century is a popular option for portable stage rental near you. The stage setup is simplified and expedited with Century’s hydraulically operated stages that offer push-button functionality. 


The APEX Stages modular stage system is made in America and supports American industry. APEX Stages offers solutions for various venues, audience sizes, and practical requirements. 


With Stagemobile, you can choose from a variety of stage sizes, from the Stagemobil S all the way up to the Stagemobil XLR, a large semicircular stage that just one person can set up. Made in Germany, these high-quality stages have excellent operational safety features and are quick to set up.

Benefits of Using a Portable Stage 

You can use a portable stage to put on a show with a number of advantages. If you need a place to put on a show that’s easy to set up, easy to take down, and easy to move, a portable stage is a right choice. The following are some of the other benefits of using a portable stage for your event. 

Utilize a portable stage to make the most of your space. Simply move it from location to location.

  • A portable stage would be an excellent option when putting up or taking down a stage.
  • The stage is height-convertible, so it can be used with choirs or other staged setups.
  • Smaller gatherings, or budget-oriented events, can benefit from it.
  • The portable stage can be securely placed almost anywhere that you are holding your event, making it almost possible to use almost any space for your event.

The Use of a Company

The right company can provide you with a portable stage, or any stage, by bringing it directly to your venue. If you decide to rent a portable stage, look into the company for more information and find out if they are the right company to work with. They are able to unpack and set up easily for you. 

A good stage rental company will provide advice on which type to use and show you how to set it up, take it down, and ensure that you are prepared when it comes time to use the stage. Contact the rental company today if you have any questions about the stage or their services.

In Conclusion 

If you’re throwing an event, a portable stage rental is almost always the right choice. When you work with a professional, you can be sure that you are selecting the right staging for your needs. You will need the right stage for your event because this will be the focal point and can make or break the event. 

Depending on your event, you can choose the type of stage that will best serve it. Check out the different stages available from GeoEvent to find the right one. Get in touch with the professionals today to find out what they recommend for your next event.


Your event stage plays an essential role. It’s important to choose a quality stage and truss as the centerpiece of your event. You must know what to consider when renting one to avoid costly mistakes and accidents. Choosing the right stage has a massive impact on your event’s outcome. Here are several obvious things to consider when renting a stage. 

It’ll be the center of attention during your event, so you’d want to use quality stage and trusses. You have to make crucial decisions when renting a stage to ensure you’ll get what you want. You’ll learn how to avoid costly mistakes and untoward incidents when you find the right stage rental in this article.

Stage Rental Benefits

Money Saving

The cost of renting a stage and sound equipment is low and upfront. The cost is the same as renting. If you no longer need the equipment, you can sell it and recoup some of the cost. This is more convenient than buying it. In addition to its flexibility, renting is a popular choice. Don’t believe us? Contact a stage rental near you and check out the prices here!


When you rent your stage and sound equipment, you do not have to worry about finding the right equipment, ensuring it’s in good shape, and storing it when you’re done. The equipment can be picked up as needed and returned when you’re finished, so you don’t have to worry about this.

Newest Gear

You can access the latest technology by renting a stage and sound equipment. With everything from speaker systems to lighting rigs, you can be sure that everything will be in good condition and up-to-date for your event. Renting this equipment is a great option if you need the latest and greatest equipment.

Custom Equipment

Stage and sound equipment can be tailored to fit your specific needs, which is one of the best things about renting. Do you want to get a portable stage rental so you can move it around? We’ve got you covered!

This flexibility is ideal for all types of events, from small gatherings to large concerts. You can easily find what you need, whether you need a certain type of microphone or a certain number of speakers.

Professional Support & Maintenance

Stage and sound equipment rentals typically come with professional assistance. This is an excellent option if you’re new to staging or sound or need help setting up the equipment for your event. You’ll receive expert advice on how to use and set the equipment up.

Central, Visible Area

Renting a stage and sound equipment means you can be seen and heard. You will get high-quality sound from rented speakers. Your guests will be able to see you because of rented lighting rigs. If you rent, your event will look professional.

Maximize the Experience While Minimizing Responsibilities

Getting experience with stage and sound equipment is another great benefit of renting it. The best part is you don’t have to buy your system until you’re sure you’ll use it regularly, so you can try out new technology, whether it’s lights or speakers. By trying it out, you can decide if a rental is a right choice for you before investing in your own system.

Stage Rental Considerations

The Cost of Renting

Keeping the cost within your range is a good starting point. Stage rental is only one element of event planning and execution. Discussing your budget with the stage rental supplier is advisable to choose the best option that suits your event and budget. However, when compromising durability may result in unfortunate events, quality should always take precedence over cost.

Be sure to account for every cost when dealing with a supplier, even those that aren’t charged upfront. In case of unforeseen circumstances, asking and accounting for additional stage rental fees, such as labor, delivery, or weekend fees, is imperative.

Size of Stage

Choosing the wrong size stage for an event is a costly mistake event professionals make. If you don’t have serious planning and coordination with your supplier, this can result in costly mistakes. According to the needs and purpose of your event, your stage rental supplier can recommend the right stage size. To avoid untoward problems on the event day, coordinate with your supplier ahead of time.

Transport and Installation Services 

You should verify whether transport and installation services are included in your stage rental agreement and if labor and delivery fees were added. A suitable vehicle is required for transporting the stage and trusses, while skilled personnel is required for installation. Find a supplier who can deliver and install your stage and trusses and other fixture requirements.


If your stage rental materials are damaged during an event, you will be protected if you discuss their damage policy with the supplier before renting. Agreeing on the damage policy when arranging the leasing agreement is important. Typically, this part is related to event insurance, which brings us to the next point.

Also, if there are any unfortunate events, make sure everyone and everything is insured. Therefore, you need to pay attention to insurance coverage. The best way to protect yourself from liability is to secure commercial general liability insurance before your event starts. In the event of an unforeseen event, you want to be covered.

What Can a Stage Rental Do For Your Event?

If you’ve been wondering why you should rent a stage for your next event when you need a central area for entertainment – now you know why you should. We’ve got the best stage rentals near you! Get in touch with GeoEvent to learn more about our stage party rentals or to reserve our equipment for your event.


The time has come to start planning that big event that’s been on your mind. You’ve got tons of ideas since you’ve held off on the event for so long! In terms of entertainment, you decided to have a platform stage. However, rental fees for stages can range from $600 to $4000 per day! The right stage is crucial for your event, so choose wisely. 

The process of renting a stage may seem intimidating to someone who’s never done it before. We would like to share with you some of our favorite stage rental tips to help you get started. Read on to learn more!

How To Choose The Best Stage For Your Event

If you’re thinking of renting a stage for your next event, here are some tips to help you choose the right one. Considering what the stage might be used for and more will help you make the right choice.

What Type of Event Is It?

Your event type will determine what type of stage you need. You can choose from a handful of different stages based on the event type. 

For example, an event with live speakers or music will require a sound system. In the case of smaller, private events, you may want something more modest. 

It’s also possible to choose portable stages that you can quickly move around according to what you need them for. You can refine your search based on the type of event you are planning.

How Large of an Area Do You Have?

A stage’s size will also depend on the size of the event area. Smaller areas require smaller stages. The stages may also require a certain amount of space. It is important to keep this in mind. Look for a venue that can accommodate your audience as well as your stage and equipment. 

A stage’s size will also depend on how many people will be attending. A stage needs to be large enough to be seen not only by those in the back, but by anyone on it as well. 

Think about the area’s size, the stage layout, and the number of people on and off the stage. In terms of stages, size matters. Get the most out of your stage rental.

How Flexible Do You Need the Stage?

Many people value flexibility. Mobile stages give you the flexibility to move them anywhere you want. This allows you to bring along even trusses and stage decks wherever they’re needed. 

The smaller, portable stages are easier to move than the larger, fixed stages. The right stage can serve a variety of purposes, in a variety of ways, and anywhere.

For performances, presentations, events, and anything else you might need a stage for, outdoor stage rentals are a great alternative. 

Basically, you can rent a stage anywhere you wish for your event. Your event’s venue and stage’s flexibility will determine what stage you might need.

Consider Extra Effects Like Lighting

When it comes to the inside and outside of the stage, you have to account for extra effects. Lighting is one of these effects. Lighting can make the stage look and feel completely different, so don’t miss it. 

Rental companies for stage equipment also offer lighting services. Simply let them know what you intend to use the stage for, and they will recommend appropriate lighting and other equipment options. 

A stage setup requires many essential items, such as audio and visual equipment, computers, tables and chairs, lasers, and more. Consider what other effects you might want to use for the event you’re planning. Aside from lighting, there are many other components that can enhance your event.

Use Technology to Your Advantage 

Technology can play a big role in any event. It is important to ensure that the appropriate technology is being used when connecting things to the stage. Connecting laptops and computers to the system is necessary. The use of technology allows you to play music, videos, pictures, and control light shows.

If you want your event to be truly unique, you need to utilize technology. As a result, costs will also increase. As a result of having better technology, better equipment will cost more. Considering the quality difference in the technology being used at the event, you can justify these costs. The importance of this is often overlooked by many people.

Do You Need a Durable Stage?

A lot of people don’t think about stage durability. If people were jumping on the stage, would the stage be able to hold that many people? 

Whenever you rent a stage, you should speak with the professionals first. If you plan to rent a stage, ask about the weight rating of the stage rental. 

When the event starts, you don’t want to have to worry about the durability of the stage. A major setback would result from this. 

You should instead know ahead of time whether the stage can handle the activities you plan to perform on it. Stage weight limitations should be discussed during the rental process. Afterward, they can recommend something else if the current stage doesn’t suit your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact them today so you can rest easy tomorrow.

Stage Rental Concerns Answered!

Now that you know how to pick out the right stage for your event, you might have some more questions regarding the logistics of the stage rental process. We have compiled a list of the most common questions our clients ask us, along with their answers.

The planning and logistics of getting the equipment to the site

Choosing where to install a stage at a private or corporate event is an important step. Depending on that, you will need a stage of a certain size and shape. Additionally, professionals will tell you that you should have a plan in place to transport the stage equipment to the desired location. Is there a path wide enough for the trucks to bring the stage to your location? Stage location may need to be changed if not.

Concerns about stage rental safety related to weather

Are you planning a winter event? Is it going to be rainy? Event rental equipment should be chosen based on the weather. There is no need to worry about the elements with portable stages. Natural disasters cannot always be predicted, and you don’t want them to ruin your event. You may want to look for something with grip tape to help with traction if your event is outdoors. Additionally, always make sure to consult with your stage rental service before making any final decisions.

Take Your Corporate Event to the Next Level!

Nowadays, businesses often invite their most important clients to events. Adding wow factor to your events can give you a competitive edge. Your guests will be able to see the event clearly with stage decks, stages, and risers, or stage platforms.

We take care of every aspect of your staging, whether it is choral risers, dance floors, or sound systems. You will pay an event planner 15 to 20 percent of the total event cost. With the help of GeoEvent, you can use that amount of money to improve your food or do something else to demonstrate to your clients that your company is cutting edge.

Organizing an Event Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Guests will be buzzing and you’ll have a blast. However, before you can enjoy the event, you need to plan it! It is necessary to rent a portable stage system along with other equipment rentals from a company with years of experience and a reliable track record. 

There are a number of factors to consider, including stage size, seated risers, and stage skirts. There are a lot of tasks you will need help with, including catering, decorations, and guest lists. An experienced portable stage rental company like GeoEvent can help you from setup to breakdown, while you take care of the event. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. We hope you learned a few things about stage rentals. Contact us today if you need event rentals in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas, or if you have questions about this article.


To create an engaging event that resonates with audiences, a conference’s audio visual needs must be met. Audio, visuals, lighting, and presentation equipment may be needed to deliver your message in the form of an unforgettable event. A great way to get everything together in these situations is to find a proper AV equipment rental service.

A high-quality AV equipment rental company is hard to find, so here are some tips on how to choose one.

What Do We Mean By Audio Visual Equipment?

With AV rental, you provide your audience with clear and effective presentations, while enhancing quality and performance. In addition to these major benefits, what are some other advantages of AV equipment rental companies in Los Angeles

AV equipment rentals are the responsibility of the audio visual provider. Ensure that all components are correctly aligned, including logistics, rigging, power, video and presentation format, PA system, screen size, and other essentials. Audio visual equipment is installed, tested, and run by technicians who work for a video rental company.

Why Your Event Needs AV Equipment Rental Services

Renting high-quality AV equipment is important whether you’re holding a conference or hoping to improve your organization’s meetings. A wide range of AV services are offered by providers. Other uses for AV equipment and services include conferences and office meetings. Many schools and universities use interactive whiteboards and projection equipment as part of their technical services. 

The following are some great reasons to rent audio equipment:

  • The latest technology: Recent developments in AV technology can be easily rented by AV rental companies for all your technological requirements. You don’t have to purchase new equipment each time something changes, which can be extremely expensive. Just rent it.
  • Technical expertise: It’s likely that you’ll need in-house technicians unless you’re fully knowledgeable about AV equipment. As well as providing your AV rentals, your service provider will help you set them up. 
  • Simple last-minute additions: Even with the best planning, anything can go wrong. In this case, you will need to add some last-minute technical additions. To ensure that an event is a success, in-house technicians often bring a wide range of additional technical equipment.

Benefits to Renting Audio Visual Equipment

The difference between a mediocre event and an unforgettable one can be made by audio visual equipment rental services! A proper AV equipment rental service offers a number of benefits, including:

Technical Support

In the field of AV rentals, the technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable. In a typical year, our technicians at GeoEvent work over a hundred events and know how to react quickly to technical problems. The techs are able to service and maintain the rented equipment whether this involves practice runs or rehearsals to root out any glitches.

The Art of Mastering Space

Keeping your audio visual specialist in the loop gives them the opportunity to assist you in the planning process. AV setups must consider everything from room size, outlet distribution, window arrangement, rigging grids, light exposure, ceiling heights, and other elements of each venue. You will be able to find a more suitable arrangement if you collaborate early.

Checklist for AV Equipment

You may want to consider using these audiovisual equipment rentals for conference events to create a successful event. If you want to create an engaging experience for an audience, consider the different pieces of equipment that can play a crucial role.

Projector Screens 

Screen format and projector type are important factors to consider when choosing a projection screen. From zero ambient light to direct sunlight, GeoEvent’s screens guarantee consistent, clear, and visible images in all conditions. Ask about blending wide-screen edges together to create a larger than life projection screen 40′, 60′ or 100′ wide.

Projectors in HD and SD 

Projectors come in a variety of resolutions, whether you prefer high-resolution or standard-resolution. A top-of-the-line projector has never been easier to select for size, brightness, format, and resolution.

LED and LCD TVs 

Digital visuals are best delivered through LED and LCD flat screens. GeoEvent can quickly provide a series of 30″ displays for scattered audience members or an 80″ display for a larger audience.

4mm LED Video Walls 

4mm LED video walls are made of multiple 20″ x 20″ video tiles that can be integrated together to create truly monumental, breathtaking images. You can create rectangle video walls of different sizes, shapes, and sizes, or create unique shapes to create a custom backdrop. This can be used to display additional/different content to complement a main screen.

Staging and Stage Lighting 

Staging allows you to focus audience attention on a single speaker. The speaker will have the platform they need with stage mounts, risers, and podiums, which coordinate with the atmosphere of the event. For instance, stage lighting can offer a decorative element or further this goal.

Room Lighting 

Lighting arrangements determine the ambience of a room. Dark lighting makes an event seem formal, while bright or flashy lighting creates a party atmosphere. You can also use lighting as a decorative feature or as the center of a show.

Digital Branding 

At a hosted event, your logo can be displayed in several ways. The right branding techniques can get you recognition, from screens to gobo lighting to the podium.

Video Conferencing Gear 

Your event doesn’t have to be far away for people to participate. By combining cameras with wireless transmission, audiovisual display, and wireless transmission, you can bring people together from around the globe.


Mics (wired or wireless) help to ensure that messages are heard clearly and consistently, even by the best speakers, who are still limited by their lung capacity.

PA System/Speakers 

A large venue can make it difficult to keep everyone informed and on track. Your song, speech, announcement, and more are delivered in a unified and pitch-perfect manner with PA and speaker systems.

Presentation Accessories 

Power Points, visual aids, streaming video, and more digital tools can all be incorporated into presentations using laptops, projectors, and clickers. You can also ask live questions to large groups and get real-time responses using audience response systems. 

Simultaneous Interpretation 

When you have attendees who speak different languages or are deaf, translating is an important service you should provide. Through simultaneous interpretation, the information can be converted in real time, allowing everyone to follow along at the same pace, engaging them equally.

Audio Visual Rental Services Near You

In addition to our Los Angeles and Las Vegas offices, GeoEvent offers a variety of live event services. Using the latest audiovisual displays and support technology, we pride ourselves on “creating event magic”. To suit the AV needs of any conference or event, our top techs are equipped with industry-leading equipment. 

Are you unsure what will work best for you? Don’t hesitate to ask our techs for advice! Interested in learning more about GeoEvent and how we can enhance your corporate gatherings and special occasions? Feel free to contact us at 818-478-2009 or